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Abandoned at the airport?

Have you been let down by your airline? Abandoned at the airport? Left staring at the screen as the delay mounts up? We cannot get you those hours of your life back but we may be able to help you pursue compensation. 

Regulation EC No 261/2004 established common rules throughout EU member states on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding, cancellation, and long delay of flights. It came into force on 17 February 2005. This gives passengers flying to and from Scotland the right to compensation in the event of cancelled or delayed flights.

Can you help me obtain compensation?

Yes, if you were:

  1. Flying into or from a Scottish airport
  2. Checked in 45 minutes before the stipulated departure time
  3. Not travelling for free or on a reduced fair not available to the public
  4. Flight arrived 3 hours later than scheduled.

There are some exceptions where compensation is not payable, for example freak weather, volcanic ash, and terrorism but the airline is still under an obligation to take “reasonable measures” and any defence raised by the airline will be considered closely by our specialist team prior to advising you on prospects of success in raising a court action.

How much am I entitled to if my flight is delayed?

Each passenger is entitled to a fixed sum of money depending on the length of flight and the period of delay. They are also entitled to reasonable expenses, including overnight accommodation and food/drink.

Length of Flights Delay Compensation

Under 1500km

i.e. Edinburgh to Dublin

Over 3 hours 250 Euros (approx pounds)

1500km to 3000km

i.e. UK to Istanbul

Over 3 hours 400 Euros

Over 3500km

i.e. London to New York

3 - 4 hours 300 Euros

Over 3500km

i.e. London to New York

Over 4 hours 600 Euros

What am I entitled to if my flight is cancelled?

You could be entitled to up to 600 Euros depending on the distance of the journey, notice you were given of the cancellation and delay in a replacement flight taking you to your destination.

What will you do?

We have always stood up for the rights of individuals against large companies. We are used to fighting on behalf of the underdog and standing our ground firmly. Airlines often ignore claims or offer passengers vouchers etc. We are uniquely positioned as a firm of solicitors to deal with these claims efficiently. Whilst airlines delay, we don’t!

We do not believe the airline should delay further. If you have been delayed it should be quick and straightforward for you to get your money so if they do not agree to pay within a reasonable time period, we will raise a court action to force them to do so.

We will cover all costs involved and will not put you at any financial risk. We will deal with all court papers and represent you in court. We will also fund and arrange any necessary expert reports should the claim be defended.

What do I need to do?

We just need a few details from you. Our staff are waiting to hear from you now.

All you will need a few simple details including your flight number and date you were travelling. You then send a photo of your ticket and proof of any expenses you incurred and we will put forward your claim to the airline. 

What we charge?

As there is no means for us to recover our costs from the airlines we do have to charge you but regardless how much work we do we guarantee we will not charge more than 30% of what we recover for you. We act on a no win no fee basis therefore you will never be put at financial risk.

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