Accident solicitors who can help in foreign and travel claims

Whether you are a foreign national who is living and working in Britain, either temporarily or permanently, or a UK citizen travelling or working abroad, whatever your circumstances, if you have been involved in an accident and suffered a personal injury, the foreign and travel claim team at Thompsons Scotland can help.

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Our accident claim solicitors can assist you in seeking compensation - and justice - for all manner of injuries and occupational ill health, including:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Cycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Industrial disease
  • Serious and fatal injuries

Not your average package holiday claim

Here at Thompsons we understand that working and travelling abroad is a part of many people's everyday lives. But, accidents can happen anywhere and when you are in a foreign country it can be frightening and overwhelming, especially if you are travelling alone.

If you are on a holiday, you are probably covered by the Package Travel Regulations, but if you are organising your own travel and accommodation etc, or are on an extended trip which allows you to work while abroad, you may not have the same protection.

Similarly, if you are visiting the UK on holiday or on an extended trip to live and work, you may find yourself suffering a non-fault accident and unsure of who to turn to for assistance in making a compensation claim.

These are the sorts of situations where the team at Thompsons can help.

Claim from abroad

If you are involved in an accident or suffer ill health at work, you don't have to struggle with the system abroad, contact Thompsons and we can assist you. We can even start the process of making a claim, so you will know all is in hand when you return home.

Personal injury solicitors here for you when you are away

We are based in Scotland, but we can help you wherever you are or wherever you are from. If you are a foreign national who has been involved in an accident anywhere in Scotland, we can assist you. Or if you are ordinarily a resident of Scotland but have suffered injury abroad, we can help.

A number of Thompsons' solicitors are members of PEOPIL - the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers - which works in a not-for-profit capacity to improve and promote judicial co-operation and mutual knowledge of legal and judicial systems across European jurisdictions in the field of personal injury law.

Contact Thompsons' personal injury lawyers in Scotland today for advice on how you should proceed with a foreign or travel claim for compensation. All advice is offered on a no-obligation basis and many claims can be made through a No Win No Fee package.

Call us today on 0800 0891 331 so that we can start you on the road to recovery, wherever you are.

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