Time Limits for Foreign Compensation Claims

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In Scotland, court proceedings for accident and illness claims must usually be started within three years of the date your accident or illness. The exception to this is cases where the illness or injury did not become known until some time following causation - such as exposure to a carcinogenic substance; in such instances the three-year time limit begins at the date of diagnosis. However, it is important to remember that time limits are frequently shorter in other countries and that it is these which may apply when making a compensation claim for an accident abroad.

Other considerations – Package Travel Regulations and work injuries abroad

Being injured abroad can be a particularly traumatic experience. Not only are you likely to be separated from the support network provided by your friends and family, but you may not be able to speak the language or understand your rights and entitlement to the required medical care, while in some cases you may even experience prolonged medical suffering because of ineligibility for medical treatment.

Fortunately, there are many cases where it may be possible to make a successful compensation claim for an accident abroad. This is particularly true if you sustained injury as part of an activity booked under the Package Travel Regulations. This entitles you to compensation for injury sustained in relation to transit, whether on the road, at sea or in the air, as well as leisure, food and hotel activities.

Furthermore, if you sustained your injury abroad while working for a UK employer, it is important to remember that the employer owes you exactly the same duties of care as if you were working here in Scotland or elsewhere in the UK.

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