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Accidents and illness suffered while abroad can be distressing on so many levels. Not only is there the pain and suffering of injury and illness, but there is also the inconvenience and expense they cause, not only to the individual affected but also his or her family.

Fortunately, if you have suffered accident or illness while abroad, Thompsons, the leading personal injury firm in Scotland, may be able to help you claim compensation for the pain and suffering as well as, if possible, your ruined holiday.

Gastric illnesses suffered while abroad

The vast majority of gastric illness compensation claims we deal with are for illnesses suffered while abroad and, tellingly, there are a number of repeat offender hotspots, with resorts in Egypt, Turkey, the Dominican Republic and Spain being vastly overrepresented in such litigation. Cruise ship tours are another common source of gastric illness outbreaks such as norovirus.

Every year hundreds of Scots who holiday abroad become, through no fault of their own, the victims of painful and distressing illnesses contracted in their hotel or cruise ship accommodation.

Fortunately, for many of those affected there is recourse to compensation. This is because if you have developed your illness as a result of some stay or activity that was booked under a package tour or holiday The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992 are in place to help you secure redress from your tour operator. This statutory instrument is in place to help ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

Claim from Scotland

You do not necessarily have to make a compensation claim in the country where your illness occurred. If you have become unwell due to a part of your package holiday then we may be able to claim compensation through the Scottish Courts against the tour operator.

When it is possible for us to raise your claim in Scotland, we will do so because the levels of compensation awarded are often higher, legal costs lower and time is saved.

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