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This week is ROAD SAFETY WEEK. The annual event run by the UK’s leading road safety charity BRAKE. This year BRAKE are asking people to make a pledge that they will heed the advice of BRAKE on the 6 things that are the biggest factors in causing death and injury on the road. 

BRAKE has chosen to focus on these six elements Slow, Sober, Secure, Silent, Sharp and Sustainable.


Using your phone while driving is dangerous. Everyone knows it but yet a substantial percentage of us still do it. No one  will notice ... how much harm can it really do. These are the thoughts that go though your head to justify something that is very very hazardous.

When you use your phone while driving, even with a hands free kit your a more likely to tailgate drivers in front you and are much more likely to run into the back of another road user.

This is because the mental distraction caused by using your phone is huge. Driving is a complicated business and you need all your concentration to do it. Even taking away a small part of that concentration is risky.

Of course the law has recognised this for a long time but for many it does not go far enough. Safety campaigners would like the UK government to change the law to outlaw the use of hands free kits. But although the government accepts that using a hands free kit is still a risk it is unlikely to change the law. And its for that reason that BRAKE's pledge this Road Safety Week is so important.

Please take the BRAKE pledge for Road Safety Week. Your life could depend on it.

Brake Pledge


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