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The Countdown is over – Thompsons celebrate arriving in the Scottish Borders

I’ve written over the last ‘12 days of Thompsons’ about who Thompsons are and what we do to stand up for victims of accidents, medical mistakes, and occupational more

Day 11 - Farming accidents: the unacceptable price of your shopping basket

Farming is an absolutely vital sector of the economy of the Scottish Borders, and of Scotland and the UK as a whole, as a provider of jobs and wealth. Farming also provides us with the food and other produce that is consumed in our day to day living, a fact which is all too easy to forget and taken for granted.  We are all grateful for more

Day 10 - Medical products and devices – what if things go wrong?

The rapid advancement of medical science in the last few decades has seen an increase in use of medical therapies introducing drugs, products and other materials into the human body with intended positive medical more

Day 9 - Asbestos and Lung Disease – a silent killer

Tragically, the word asbestos is all too familiar to us and many of our clients whose lives are devastated by asbestos related disease. Perhaps surprisingly, given the number of individuals diagnosed with the disease annually many – particularly the younger generation - are unaware of its presence in society and it's life shattering more

Day 8 - Compensation claims and Health and Safety – separating fact from fiction

If you’ve seen a news story about whiplash compensation claims in the newspapers or media in recent times, the chances are it was reported with a negative spin as far as the compensation claimant was concerned. Other reports suggest failings on the part of our law and Courts because they allow compensation for people who suffer these more

Day 7 - Serious and Fatal injuries: Doing everything we can for you when the worst happens

The death or serious injury of a loved one is devastating. Any early death or serious life-limiting incapacity is naturally unjust; but when this occurs because of someone else’s negligence, there is no doubt that the injustice can seem amplified.The emotional stresses and strains upon those who have to deal with such events are enormous. It can take a very long time to restore oneself to a level where functioning normally day to day, is possible. Life after loss or serious injury can be an eternal struggle. For some, coping with the consequences proves a major more

Day 6 - Industrial Disease can affect us all: don’t suffer in silence

There’s a tendency for upland Scots, particularly those in the Central Belt, to think about the Scottish Borders as a rural idyll where most working people are employed in agriculture and the associated industries.  Of course, the reality is quite different. The Scottish Borders is indeed an historic center for the textile industry. However, the traditional industries like textiles and agriculture are now joined by progressive, modern businesses across the more

Day 5 - Lawyers Committed to Road Safety in the Scottish Borders and Supporting Victims of Road Injury

Road safety affects everyone, not just drivers. Where should I cross over that busy road? Is it OK for my 7 year old enough to walk to school unaccompanied? How fast should I drive along next to the park where the children often play?  As young driver living in an area surrounded by dangerous country roads what extra training and advice do I need to be safe? more 

Day 4 - Workplace Health and Safety Horror Story, with a Happy Ending

It’s over 180 years since the UK Government began to make law to improve the health and safety of workers. The Factories Act 1833 saw the appointment of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Factories, comprising four inspectors whom were mainly assigned with the duty to prevent injury and overworking in child textile workers in approximately 3,000 textile mills up and down the more

Day 3 - Campaigning for Justice

In 1946, whilst prosecuting on behalf of the United Kingdom at the Nuremberg Trials, the Scots lawyer Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe remarked "The law is a living thing. It is not rigid and unalterable. Its purpose is to serve mankind, and it must change and grow to meet the changing needs of society.”...... read more

Day 2 - Who are Thompsons and what do they do?

The firm of Thompsons Solicitors, which will now work for the people of Galashiels and the Scottish Borders, grew out of a radical campaigning law firm established in 1921 by William Henry “Harry” Thompson some 200 miles south of the Border, in England.   Harry Thompson was born and brought up in Preston, Lancashire.  He attended Preston Grammar School and qualified as a solicitor in more

Day 1 - Thompsons Solicitors bring Specialist Personal Injury Service to Galashiels and the Scottish Borders this Christmas

The 12 day countdown has begun! We at Thompsons Solicitors are about to open the doors of our new office in Galashiels, Scottish Borders.

We’re excited and we hope you are!

We are a multi award winning specialist dealing with injury compensation claims for clients throughout Scotland...... read more

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