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The rapid advancement of medical science in the last few decades has seen an increase in use of medical therapies introducing drugs, products and other materials into the human body with intended positive medical benefit.  Thankfully, in the majority of cases, patients have seen the benefit of this. This is due in no small part to the robust medical regulatory system we have in the United Kingdom, which includes a dedicated government agency called the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) whose specific remit is to ensure that all medicines and medical devices are suitable for use as intended.  

But despite this system and its successes, the failure of medical products and devices does still occur. This only serves to underline the role of the MHRA as being absolutely essential to patient safety and confidence in the medical profession.

Unfortunately, in the instances when defective medical products or devices do cause harm, the effects upon the people they were supposed to benefit can be nothing short of disastrous. At Thompsons Solicitors we have seen this first hand, having previously acted for people suffering from Hepatitis Ccontracted from defective blood products, and those harmed by other defective medical products or devices such as defective contraceptive devices, defective insulin pumps, and harmful agents like thalidomide.

In recent years, perhaps the most widely reported failures have been the use of defective breast implants, the damaging use of unsafe surgical mesh, and the failure of particular “metal on metal” hip replacements. Again, at Thompsons Solicitors we know very well that the suffering of those affected by these medical product failures can be truly unbearable.

Women who have undergone vaginal surgery using defective surgical mesh implants suffer a range of symptoms including pain, bleeding, urination problems and mesh protrusion which blight their day to day life. Usually, those affected with have the added worry of facing further surgery to try to rectify, as best as possible the problems caused by the defective implants. People who suffer a failed “metal on metal” hip replacement will likely experience pain and inflammation around the joint, toxicity in the joint causing tissue and bone damage, and the likelihood of the implant coming loose, necessitating further remedial surgery. 

Likewise, around 4,000 people throughout in Scotland have now learned that Poly Implant Prosthesis (PiP) breast implants, produced in France, contained low grade silicone gel which had not been approved as safe to use, and which means an increased risk the implant will rupture, releasing harmful substances into their body.

For these patients, even if the implants have not  ruptured, they are left to suffer the continued daily stress and anxiety of the ‘timebomb' within their bodies, until the defective implants are removed and/or replaced.

From our new Scottish Borders office in Galashiels our experts will be on hand to help you if you are suffering the effects of a defective medical product or device. If a doctor has contacted you about problems, or if you are suffering symptoms or simply have concerns, then please contact us today.

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