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The “wonderful phrase” “No win, No fee”. It sounds great to all those who have been injured due to the negligence of someone else. This “wonderful phrase” gives those, who are not eligible for Legal Aid and don’t have the money to be able to foot the costs for getting legal representation, hope that they can recover damages. However is this “wonderful phrase” misleading? In a sense, it does mean that you will not need to pay your legal fees for your solicitor’s services. However at some firms this does not cover the outlay fees, such as: the court cost or the cost of bring in an expert whiteness. These things are not cheap at all and could possibly become more expensive than that of the legal cost for the solicitor. The longer a case goes on the more expensive it becomes.

Along with the “wonderful phrase” come some doubts which plague people’s minds:

“If my case is too difficult will they take it?” I honestly believe that majority of firms will take on difficult cases for the reason that if they win, they help their client and they boost their reputation. So I believe this is nothing to worry about at all.

How much will they charge if I win?” This all depends on what firm you go to it can be as much as 40% or as little as 10% it’s all about researching what each firm offers.

The “wonderful phrase” Isn’t at all a bad thing. Imagine if you had to pay the cost of the outlays and the solicitors... Ouch. You never know, due to that you may then become eligible for Legal Aid and then win some money next time. The fact of the matter is, “No win, No fee” is vital. So many people rely on this “wonderful phrase”, and it works, so long as you are wise in choosing which firm’s you go to and read the small print carefully. In this sense it’s like shopping around and has an essence of caveat emptor - which means buyer beware. For example: you can get off a train in Waverly jump into the WH Smiths and buy yourself a bottle of irn bru walk down the road and there is the same bottle of irn bru but for 50p cheaper. This is the same for the legal firms if you just jump into the first firm you see with the “wonderful phrase” right after you’ve had your accident, sign the agreement, lose your case and are then struck by the outlay costs. You will have to pay the fees, however if you had instead looked about, done a bit of research, then you may have been able to find a firm that would perhaps charge a lot less, if you find the right firms you may find that you won’t even be charged your outlays if you lose.

So what I’m getting at, is, it’s not the “wonderful phrase” to blame because that is without a doubt fantastic! People just need to be aware of their options and choose firms wisely. Nonetheless always read the small print and always research into the individual firms perhaps choose those firm’s that win awards and are renowned for their dedication to their clients. 

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