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Some people have jobs where the risk of having an accident or contracting an industrial disease are minimal, however there are other jobs that are more susceptible to accidents and industrial disease and employers and employees should be made aware of the risks.

I was recently concerned when reading a Health & Safety Executive (HSE) report advising that motor vehicle repair body shop workers are at risk of developing occupational asthma.

The HSE report states that vehicle spray painters are 80 times more likely to suffer from occupational asthma if they fail to take the correct precautions to protect themselves from inhaling harmful chemicals within spray paint mist.

Worryingly the HSE found that some spray painters and some managers of body shops were not aware at all of the risk of breathing in chemicals within the spray paint mist.

Of those spray painters and managers who were aware of the risks associated with breathing in the chemicals many did not realise that they should keep their breathing apparatus on until the spray paint was dry. Spray painters who lift their masks before the spray paint is dry are potentially exposing themselves to dangerous mists containing isocynate.

Occupational asthma is a horrible condition which can ruin people’s lives and workers should be aware of the risks of contracting such a disease in their workplace.

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