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My friends at Thompsons have helped a lot of people claim compensation for injuries and losses they have sustained as a result of harmful and deadly bacteria. Thompsons Solicitors see first hand the pain, suffering and loss that harmful bacteria like E Coli, Salmonella and Legionella can cause.

It was announced recently that Aberdeen University will share a funding package to carry out research into deadly bacteria. The funding package will be shared by Aberdeen University with St Andrews University and Oxford University.

Thompsons Solicitors Aberdeen Partner, Chris Gordon, welcomed the news of the funding package. Chris Gordon said:

“It is really good to see our universities using their skills and expertise to tackle such serious health threats.”

It is hoped that the research carried out by Aberdeen University will lead to the development of a new anti-microbial drugs.

Thompsons Solicitors represent the families of 18 victims at the public inquiry into Scotland's worse out break of C-Diff. The effects of being exposed to deadly bacteria can have devastating effects on the victims and their family.

I think it is fantastic that drugs, which could save lives, are going to be developed.

It is important that companies and individuals remember first and foremost to take all the precautions they can to prevent people becoming exposed to any deadly bacteria in the first place. 

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