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A lens implant, first used in the UK in January 2014, has become the subject of debate following a claim that the lens has damaged, rather than enhanced, the eyesight of a number of patients, the Guardian reports.

A 46-year-old man is determined to pursue a corrective eye surgery claim following the procedure which, he says, has left his vision worse than ever.

According to the report, the recruitment consultant contacted a specialist clinic to discuss treatment to improve his vision; as a keen amateur squash player, he wished to restore his eyesight to improve his game.

During the consultation, the father of two was told of a lens implant which, it was claimed, could improve both near and far vision.

The patient was assured that laser eye surgery could not provide him with the same results, and so he elected to undergo the lens implant procedure.

He now experiences blurred vision at a distance, describing the feeling as similar to a camera focusing in on one spot, with all that surrounds the area in focus appearing fuzzy and distorted.

Others who have been treated with the same lens describe a similar deterioration in eyesight, as well as problems focusing their eyes at night or in darkened surroundings.

Representatives of the company which manufactures the lens have defended the treatment, claiming that only a small percentage of patients experience a deterioration in eyesight - saying in the Guardian that this would correct itself over time, in the vast majority of cases.

It was also stated that the 46-year-old's procedure had in fact been positive as the operation had resulted in "a very good ocular outcome".

The Henley-on-Thames resident is in disagreement and has expressed his desire to seek personal injury compensation, deeming the lens a defective medical product.

At this time, no further action has been reported.

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