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Do research before getting beauty treatments, trust me I know to my cost!

So, you want to go and get your eye lashes done.  You are out and about and see a salon advertising beauty treatments.  You’ve never been before, you pop in and they advise they have space to do your lashes and decided to go ahead and get the treatment done.  You don’t do any checks into the salon as you don’t have time…

Nail glue in eyeThis is what I did!

Little did I know that the salon  had no public liability insurance in place and did not have the correct glue to carry out the treatment either!  Nail glue, which is like super glue, was poured into my eye and I was left in excruciating pain and with a bloodshot and swollen eye! I was screaming in pain and was left with blurred sight.

Public liability insurance is one of the types of insurance that all businesses should have.  Unfortunately unlike Employers liability insurance it’s not a legal requirement to have it!  Some local authorities do make a condition that salons do have public liability insurance in place before renting the space out.  Why is this not a legal requirement?  If you’re a salon owner you can get this for your salon for around £60-£100 for the full year!  Eye damage from beauty treatment

Beauticians can carry out a number of different types of treatments from brow tinting/waxing to botox… imagine something went wrong whilst getting a botox injection or laser hair removal .  Treatments like this can leave horrendous results if carried out wrongly leaving clients with scarring or damage to muscles causing disfiguration!  

If you are going for a treatment don’t be scared to ask to see proof of insurance or certificates to show that the person carrying out your treatment is qualified to do so!  If they are qualified they won’t take offence and will have these on show in their salon.  

Check the salon looks clean.  If you go to get a treatment done and its being carried out in a shoddy room, kitchen or living room use your gut instinct….. if this person is qualified why do they not have a correct space to carry out their treatments?

Is a patch test required?  If so, your treatment cannot be carried out there and then.   You would need to pre-book your appointment.  Patch tests are done for a reason, if you become allergic to tint on your eyelashes or eyebrows the consequences could be very serious.  The hard lesson I learned in all of this is Do your research before treating yourself!  

Blog by Samantha McAleer

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