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Thompsons solicitors in Scotland includes a specialist Survivors Team who work with the survivors of child sexual, physical or mental abuse to help them secure financial compensation from the organisations responsible for their suffering.

This includes claims against the following kinds of membership organisation:

  • Scouts
  • Cubs
  • Rainbows
  • Brownies
  • Guides
  • Beavers

Our team understands just how daunting it can be for survivors of historic abuse to make a civil compensation claim. This is why we provide a sensitive, supportive and confidential trauma-informed service that puts you and your interests at the centre of your case.

The most serious breach of trust

Any membership organisation, whether it is Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Beavers or Scouts, has a responsibility to the children in its care, the law demands it, parents expect it and children deserve it.

This requirement of support, care, protection and safeguarding is owed by both the membership organisations themselves and their representatives, including leaders, workers and volunteers.
Deliberate abuse, whether physical, mental or sexual, is the most serious breach of trust that can occur in a membership organisation setting. As such, if you have been abused as a child, you should be entitled to receive compensation from those responsible for your mistreatment and suffering.

Up until June 2017 people looking to make a membership child abuse claim in Scotland were prevented from doing so by strict time limits that stopped them from securing monetary compensation.

However, after years of lobbying by survivors, their families and survivor claim solicitors the situation has changed. This means that if you have endured sexual, mental or physical abuse at the hands of the scouts, cubs or another membership organisation you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation to help you achieve some level of recognition and financial justice.

If you suffered abuse prior to 26th September 1964, please see our page on Abuse Law for Survivors

Survivor claims in Scotland

Thompsons specialist survivor claims team is currently involved in numerous claims against membership and religious organisations.

Our priority is to provide support to survivors while also ensuring those responsible for sexual, physical or emotional abuse are held to account.

We have offices across Scotland and can arrange to meet you at a location suitable to you. Whether you wish to meet us alone, with a friend, partner, family member or support worker, we can help you sort through the important issues you will encounter while making the legal journey towards financial compensation.

We can help in many different circumstances, including the making of claims for abuse that occurred many years ago, situations where the perpetrator is dead and even those which have not been reported to the police or if the police or CPS are not moving forward with the case.

You will not have to pay anything at the outset of your claim – this is to ensure access to justice while also offering you financial protection, and we will explain fully the process for funding your claim. If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not pay a penny. You will always be at the centre of your claim and you will always be in control of how your case moves forward with Thompsons.

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