MoD pay compensation following an accident at work

Mr Watts who works at HM Naval Base Clyde, Faslane sustained injuries to his back and legs which forced him to be absent from work for over three months. Mr Watts required to manually open and close a large heavy gate as part of his duties. Whilst closing the large gate during adverse weather conditions a strong gust of wind caught the gate and blew it out of his hands.  The wind changed direction and Mr Watts was then trapped between this gate and the adjacent gate.  He sustained serious injuries to his back and legs.   Mr Watts’ colleagues confirmed that there had been previous problems with this gate and other similar gates on the Base.

Mr Watts contacted his union, PCS , who referred him to Thompsons. Those acting for the Ministry of Defence refused to settle the claim and therefore a court action was raised in the Court of Session in Edinburgh. One month before the court hearing was due to begin the MOD agreed to settle for £8,000.

Thompsons’ solicitor Laura McGee who handled the claim said “Mr Watts suffered an avoidable accident at work which forced him to be absent for three months. This is an ongoing problem on the Base and unfortunately we have claims for a number of clients who have been injured whilst opening and closing these gates. I am pleased that Mr Watts has now received the compensation to which he was entitled.”

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