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Thompsons Solicitors are Scotland’s leading law firm helping survivors of historic sexual and physical abuse. The law was recently changed in Scotland to allow survivors of abuse to pursue compensation from those responsible for that abuse. Thompsons work with the county’s leading survivors charities to provide the most comprehensive support possible. Our lawyers are highly trained and provide a completely confidential service through our dedicated historic abuse helpline.

We currently represent many survivors who suffered abuse in a variety of circumstances from in-care institutions, religious organisations and sports clubs. If this is an issue that has affected you or someone you know please call us in confidence now on 0800 0891 331.


Thompsons in the News

Glasgow Live 30th January 2023

Glasgow mum tells of horrific abuse at school for disadvantaged kids where she was force-fed vomit

Thompsons Solicitors is helping fight for justice for many women who suffered abuse as pupils at a residential school in the 1960s and 70s.

Over 200 women have spoken up about the horrific physical and sexual abuse the staff subjected them to while they attended Fornethy House in Kilry, Angus. Now closed, the school (which was intended to support disadvantaged girls) opened in 1960 and was run by Glasgow City Council.

The women shared stories of being beaten, force-fed food (and, in some cases, their own vomit), and sexually assaulted at parties organised by the teachers.

One survivor, Marion Reid, who has suffered from poor mental health as a result of the trauma, co-founded the Fonethy House Survivors group. The group is seeking justice for the women who have lived with these distressing experiences their whole life. They have protested outside the Scottish Government building and Glasgow City Chambers, demanding to know the whereabouts of vital missing records – including attendance registers and medical forms – that are key to holding those responsible to account.

Laura Connor, head of Thompsons' historic abuse unit, is representing many of the women. She said: "The abuse endured by young girls at Fornethy is the stuff of nightmares and the effect of that abuse still lives with many of the survivors to this day. Glasgow City Council says it has misplaced its records showing how and when children were sent there but we will continue to pursue this matter so our clients can receive the answers they deserve."


Former Fettes pupil given £450,000 in damages over abuseBBC News 2nd December

Former Fettes pupil given £450,000 in damages over abuse

Daily Record - 2nd December

Ex-pupil who was abused at Fettes College in Edinburgh awarded £450k in damages

STV News - 2nd December

Abuse victim given £450,000 damages from leading private school

Daily Mail - 2nd December

Tony Blair’s old school Fettes College pays £450,000 in damages to former pupil

Thompsons Solicitors has secured a compensation award of £450,000 for a survivor of child abuse.

The survivor was sexually abused by a teacher at Fettes College, a prestigious private school in Edinburgh, in the 1970s. His settlement is the largest sum yet awarded to a victim of historic abuse at the school.

He is just one of several former students from Fettes College and Edinburgh Academy to have brought allegations against the teacher, who now lives in South Africa. One former pupil is broadcaster Nicky Campbell, who has joined calls for the teacher to be extradited from South Africa to Scotland and face justice before the courts.

Fettes College has offered a “full and unreserved apology” to all former students who were victims of abuse.

Laura Connor, the head of the Thompsons Survivors Team, represented the claimant in this case. She said: "We welcome the fact that Fettes have finally acknowledged the gravity of the abuse and the ongoing impact it has had on our client.

"It is disappointing that they took so long to do so but we are pleased to have achieved the right outcome for our client in the end.

"We call this historic abuse but the truth is that survivors live with what happened to them every day of their lives."

Thompsons will continue to fight for justice for the survivors who suffered abuse at Fettes College and Edinburgh Academy.


The Sunday Times - 27th November 2022

Child abuse failings in schools ‘a national scandal’ | Scotland | The Sunday Times (

Parents in Sutherland have become infuriated after their local authorities have been slow to act on several allegations concerning a teacher at their children’s primary school.

Stacie Brix first became concerned in 2017 when her daughter, five years old at the time, became withdrawn and afraid to attend school. Ms Brix soon realised her child’s distress was due to her maltreatment at the hands of her primary school teacher. The teacher was allegedly verbally and physically abusive to many of her pupils.

However, despite several other children, parents, and former colleagues submitting complaints about the teacher, some of which date back to as early as 2005, the local authorities, including the Highland council, failed to take immediate action.

Five years on, Ms Brix is now pursuing legal action with Thompsons Solicitors and is calling for an independent inquiry into Highland council’s handling of the case.

The teacher faces a fitness-to-teach hearing next year.

Thompsons lawyer Stephanie Young, who works in our dedicated Survivors Team, is representing Ms Brix, and told The Times that there had been “serious allegations of abuse of pupils” made to the school and Highland council. Discussing the slow response from the authorities, she said: “The safety, care and wellbeing of pupils should always be paramount and prioritised.”

Thompsons will continue to work for survivors of abuse and hold the relevant authorities to account for their failures to protect the vulnerable.


The Sunday Post - 30 October 2022

Hopes of justice for alleged victims as, 50 years on, boys’ school monk faces extradition

A former De La Salle monk, accused of abusing boys at St Ninian's School in Gartmore, Stirlingshire more than 50 years ago, is set to face extradition proceedings so he can be tried in Scotland.

The man, now in his 80s, spent years teaching in Canada after he left Scotland. Some of the survivors were wrongly told by police that he had died around 20 years ago, but now a petition warrant has been raised in Scotland and the international unit at the Crown Office will attempt to extradite him.

Thompsons lawyer, Laura Connor is head of the Survivors Team. She told The Post, "Far too often we hear that the focus appears to be on what the effect of such an action would be upon the health and wellbeing of a sometimes elderly accused rather than the health and wellbeing of their alleged victims.

"We do know many victims suffered so dreadfully, they continue being deeply affected today. That is why it is most important that those perpetrators who live abroad must be pursued."


The Sunday Post – 02 October 2022

The victims are not seeking money. They are seeking acknowledgement: Scotland’s Lawyer of the Year on justice

Thompsons’ lawyer Laura Connor was recently awarded the prestigious title of Scotland’s Solicitor of the Year at the Scottish Legal Awards. She spoke to the Sunday Post about her work with survivors of historical child abuse.

“I’ve learned that any financial award means little to survivors without acknowledgement of wrongdoing and a proper apology,” Laura told the news outlet.

Laura spoke about the landmark case against Glasgow City Council in which she acted on behalf of a man who had been severely abused while in council-organised foster care. She said, “This has been a deeply traumatic case. Although we achieved the highest ever award for our client, no amount of money could ever compensate for his lost childhood or the lifelong effect the abuse has had.”


The Scottish Sun – 26 September 2022

Top lawyer says court must decide if Celtic can be held responsible for ex-boys club coaches 'sex abuse crimes'

During a virtual hearing, top lawyers have now pitched their preliminary arguments in the Celtic Boys sex abuse case. The case, which could see Celtic FC held accountable for the actions of former boys’ club coaches, will now have a procedural hearing in December.

The judge said that further arguments would include factors of “vicarious liability”, in which employers are held legally accountable for the actions of employees.

Laura Connor of Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland is representing survivors in the landmark group action. She said, “The court today allowed a further period of time for parties to adjust pleadings in light of the recent and significant evidence obtained.

"It will also be helpful for all involved to now have a hearing date to work towards."

The Times – 26 August 2022

Seven more claim abuse at academy

Following publication of Kenneth’s story in the press, more former pupils of Edinburgh Academy have now come forward to share their experiences of suffering abuse at the independent school.

Laura Connor, head of the Survivors Team at Thompsons, told The Times that the team had been contacted by seven other survivors.

“Some wanted to help provide evidence, while others wished to discuss possible legal action against the school,” she said.

“I would strongly urge anyone who was abused at Edinburgh Academy and other schools to follow Kenneth’s example and contact the police.”

The allegations of abuse refer to several teachers, including one who went on to abuse pupils at Fettes College. This teacher later retired to South Africa but, following significant campaigning by Thompsons alongside several former pupils, he will soon be extradited to face trial for the alleged offences. A hearing is scheduled for October.


Nicky Campbell's SchoolThe Times – 19 August 2022
BBC News – 19 August 2022

As another former pupil of Edinburgh Academy describes his horrific ordeal at the school, his lawyer, Laura Connor of Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland, says that the bravery of his testimony, alongside that of others, has “exposed a shameful regime of extreme violence and sexual abuse meted out to children”.

‘Kenneth’ (not his real name) told press that during his time at the school from 1965 to 1978 he suffered “sadistic and brutal treatment” by one teacher in particular and that there was a “culture of violence” that was far more extreme and systematic than the corporal punishment laws at the time allowed. Several other former pupils, who suffered or witnessed abuse, have recalled how they believe Kenneth was targeted for punishment.

Speaking to the BBC, Laura urged school representatives to “deal with the cases, act honourably and accept responsibility for this shameful situation".


Nicky Campbell vows revenge on abuserThe Times – 28 July 2022

Nicky Campbell vows revenge on abuser

In a high-profile news story across the UK, broadcaster Nicky Campbell has revealed that he witnessed and was the subject of “horrific” abuse in the 1970s while a pupil at Edinburgh Academy.

Mr Campbell made the disclosure during a BBC Sounds podcast and then again his BBC5 Live breakfast show on Wednesday 27 July. During the broadcast, he said he wanted to seek justice for “all those little boys who suffered in silence”.

The teacher that Mr Campbell alleges beat him and carried out numerous acts of sexual abuse that he witnessed could not be named for legal reasons, but Mr Campbell has now pledged to seek legal redress for “all those little boys” who suffered similar, profoundly affecting acts.

The teacher also worked at Fettes College, another independent school in Edinburgh, and Mr Campbell said, “He had a long career and moved from school to school, always with glowing references.”

Laura Connor is head of Thompsons Survivors Team which is representing 15 men who suffered abuse at Edinburgh Academy and Fettes College. She told The Times, “We now expect more victims to come forward and I would encourage them to report their abuse to the police.”


Daily Record - Scots child sex abuse victimDaily Record – 22 April 2022

Scots child sex abuse victim raped by council foster carer awarded record £1.75m damages

A man has been awarded a ground-breaking compensation award settlement of £1.75m following historical sexual abuse which occurred during his time in Glasgow City Council foster care.

Initially, the judge awarded the man £1.3m, but following an appeal by the council (which was later dropped) the award was recalculated.

Laura Connor, of Thompsons dedicated Survivors Team, represented the man. She said, “One thing which has encouraged the purser to be motivated to pursue the case throughout was the fact that Glasgow City Council have never acknowledged the abuse.

“They have still not apologised to him directly for what has happened. That continues to be a significant issue for him.”

Speaking to the Daily Record about the case, Laura added that “the judgement acknowledged the life-long impact of childhood abuse on the purser and indeed on other survivors”.

If you have suffered abuse while in care or in any other setting, you can talk to Thompsons about what happened in complete confidence.


BBC News - Krishna SinghBBC News Scotland – 25 May

Krishna Singh: GP jailed for 12 years for sexually abusing patients

Daily Mail – 25 May

Married GP, 72, who sexually abused 47 women and girls is jailed for 12 years

On 14 April 2022, Krishna Singh was convicted of 54 charges of sexual abuse perpetrated over a 35-year period. On the 25 May, Lord Armstrong handed him a 12-year prison sentence, telling him that he had abused his position, undermined the standing of the medical profession, and eroded the trust of the female patients.

He described the former doctor’s actions as “calculated and manipulative”.

Laura Connor of Thompsons Solicitors is representing a number of the abuse survivors. She said, "Questions must now be asked about how this sexual predator hid in plain sight for so long while carrying out his crimes.

"The victims and the wider community deserve nothing less than a full public inquiry into why the authorities did not put a stop to Singh sooner."

Thompsons continues to act for survivors of abuse and will be continuing to pursue civil claims against the relevant authorities who failed to take action against the sexual predator.


The DailyRecord – 11 March 2022

Six more Celtic Boys Club sex abuse victims come forward to join 'class action' lawsuit against club

Thompsons Solicitors Scotland recently received the legal go-ahead for a US-style ‘group action’ against Celtic FC in respect of historical child abuse at Celtic Boys Club and this news has prompted more survivors to come forward to tell their stories of the abuse they suffered.

If they are successful in joining the survivors already seeking justice with Thompsons, this would take the total group to more than 30.

Thompsons partner Patrick McGuire said, “The court has made this a real, live litigation and Celtic have been given a clear sign they need to stop their obfuscation.

“There can be no hiding behind legal technicalities and trying to evade their responsibilities through delaying tactics. The decision has given more people the strength to come forward.

“That’s what we’ve heard from former boys club players in the last few days.”


The Scottish Sun – 1 March

Celtic break silence after judge rules Boys Club victims CAN sue them over sexual abuse

The Herald – 2 March

Lawyers say Celtic 'must face up to its responsibilities' over sex abuse class action

The Times – 2 March

Boys club abuse survivors told they can sue Celtic

In a landmark move, a judge has given the green-light for a group of Celtic Boys Club abuse survivors to bring a US-style group action against Celtic FC.

For years, Patrick McGuire and the Survivors Team at Thompsons have campaigned for the club to face up to its responsibilities in relation to connections with Celtic Boys Club and now Lord Arthurson has agreed that the 22 men can launch their civil compensation claim.

Patrick said, “The court has sent a clear message to Celtic FC that it will not countenance the club‘s continued efforts to engage delay tactics and hide behind legal technicalities. This is a watershed moment.

"Celtic must now face up to [their] responsibilities and immediately begin meaningful discussions towards ensuring that every survivor receives full financial justice and compensation."


BBC News – 18 February 2022

Borders Council accused of teacher abuse report cover-up

The families of children abused by teacher Linda McCall have spoken out following the delayed publication of a report into how the local authority handled the case.

Accusations of attacks on five children were made to Scottish Borders Council but the authority’s internal review cleared McCall. However, when the case was later heard in Edinburgh Sheriff Court, she was found guilty by the judge. An independent inquiry was announced and the council promised full publication of the report.

Now, the authority’s chief executive, Netta Meadows, is saying the report will be published “in due course”. Ms Meadows said that it will be published as part of the papers for a public meeting which will be held “at the earliest opportunity”.

One parent called the move “a cover-up of the cover-up”, while another said “It stinks of them wanting more time to make it all seem not so bad.”.

Thompsons’ solicitor Marina Urie is representing the families. She said, “The parents whose children were assaulted and traumatised by Linda McCall feel betrayed yet again.

"To now find out this report will be kept from them even longer without explanation is a hammer blow




The Courier – 05 February 2022

Fornethy House alleged abuse survivors launch petition over ‘exemption’ from compensation

A number of women who were abused while staying at an Angus residential school in the early 1960s have been told that they cannot make a claim under the Government’s Redress Scheme for victims of historical child abuse.

Some former residents of Fornethy House are unable to seek justice through the civil courts because their ordeals occurred before 26 September 1964, the cut-off date that was established under The Limitation (Childhood Abuse) (Scotland) Act (2017). Now, these women have been told that they are also not eligible to make a claim under the Redress scheme because each of them was on a “short-term holiday” at the school and had not been permanently removed from the care of their parents or carer.

Laura Connor, head of the Thompsons Survivors Team, says that without the connectivity we have today, children who were resident at Fornethy house would certainly have felt as if they had been removed from their parents’ care. “Significant abuse can have occurred within a week,” she says, “and the trauma from that can live with them for a long time.”

Thompsons Solicitors are supporting the women as they campaign against the exclusion. Laura Connor and the Survivors Team are continuing in their attempts to uncover records relating to the girls and their stays at the home; however, Laura Conner notes that “we have really been met with a wall of silence from Glasgow City Council so far”.

Detective Inspector Mark Lamont from Tayside Division, said, “This investigation remains ongoing.”


The Scottish Sun – 09 November 2021

'IMPORTANT MILESTONE' Celtic will HAVE to respond to Boys Club abuse claims as ‘class action’ moves forward

As Thompsons Solicitors Scotland is given the go-ahead to formally serve papers on Celtic FC in relation to its connection with Celtic Boys Club and allegations of historical abuse, Patrick McGuire, partner at Thompsons, says this is an “important milestone.”

The case is now a group action in which up to 25 Thompsons’ clients are seeking damages for the abuse they suffered at the hands of coaches and support staff working with the Boys Club between the late 60s and early 90s.

Following the criminal convictions of several former staff at the Boys Club, representatives of Celtic have said they were “appalled” by the abuse which occurred, but they have continued to deny any connection with the club and, therefore, any liability.

Patrick says that the case will focus on the relationship between the two football clubs and that now “ the club will have to provide a formal response to the case we set out in law”.



BBC News – 22 October 2021

Glasgow council to pay £1.3m to man abused by foster carer

The Court of Session has ordered Glasgow City Council to pay more than £1.3 million to a man who was abused while in foster care as a child.

In awarding the sum for loss, injury and damage sustained as a consequence of abuse suffered over a five year period in the 1980s, Judge Lord Brailsford said that the difficulties the survivor had suffered in his adult life were “causally linked” to the sexual abuse he had been subjected to while in the vicarious care of the council.

Laura Connor, head of Thompsons dedicated Survivors Team, who represented the claimant, said that this case highlights the need for abuse survivors to take specialist legal advice before deciding to accept a payout from the Scottish Government’s Redress Scheme.

The scheme is able to make payments of up to £100,000, but, as this case, proves, for some people, the value of a claim through the civil courts could be significantly higher.


Daily Record – 05 October 2021

Sex abuse survivors launch 'class action' lawsuit against Celtic in multi-million pound claim

Thompsons solicitors are currently representing 25 claimants whose claims of historic sexual abuse against Celtic Football Club stem largely from their time playing for Celtic Boys' Club in the 1980s.

Under Scottish laws that were only enacted last year, the survivors are launching a group claim against Celtic, similar to US-style 'class action' claims.

The legal case could see Celtic faced with paying out millions of pounds in damages to the survivors and Thompsons is urging other survivors to come forward to join the group proceedings. Thompsons is putting a notice in the Daily Record as the first step in the claim.

Patrick McGuire, partner at Thompsons, said the case was unprecedented: “This is completely unique. I know of no other group actions, or involving such a large number of claimants, against any other club in Europe.

“I hope this a wake-up call for Celtic and they decide to face up to their responsibilities instead of rubbing salt in the wounds of survivors.”


Glasgow Evening Times - 08 September 2021

Fornethy House survivors take to Glasgow's George Square in calls for justice

Reporting on the recent George Square protest carried out by members of The Fornethy House Residential School Survivors group, the Glasgow Evening Times posts images of the day and interviews with those who took part. The action sought to highlight the plight of survivors and their calls for justice. It followed recent revelations that many women have since found all records of their time at Fornethy House have disappeared.

Thompsons Partner Laura Conner, who is acting on behalf of around 130 Fornethy abuse survivors, attended the demonstration. She said, “I find it impossible to believe that there is nothing within any records at the council in relation to why [the girls] were placed [in Fornethy House].

“One of the points that is most important to many survivors is understanding why they were there and understanding that is part of their journey to attempting to deal with the traumatic events which occurred and the illnesses they continue to suffer as a result.”


STV News – 08 September 2021

Sexual abuse survivors accuse council of losing records

STV News reports on the protest carried out by the The Fornethy House Residential School Survivors group and includes an interview with one of the group's founders, Marion Reid.

Marion told reporters, “I’ve fought this all my life, basically looking for answers. We have now got to the point where we know there are records somewhere, but Glasgow Council are not forthcoming with any documents of any kind.”

Laura Connor, a partner with Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland who heads the firm’s historic abuse unit, attended the protest. She said, “We’re fully behind all of those protesting. They have a right to be heard.

“Glasgow City Council should take notice of such a large number of survivors of abuse who were harmed while under the council’s care.”


Fornethy House Abuse cases Missing RecordsDaily Record - 29 August 2021

Abuse survivors from Scots girls' boarding school accuse council of losing records

As complaints emerge that the personal records of former Fornethy House residents are incomplete or missing, Laura Connor from Thompsons says that the situation is “not good enough”.

Laura is representing more than 130 abuse survivors in their claims against Glasgow City Council for the treatment they suffered during stays at the school. She has called upon the local authority to meet with Thompsons so that the matter can be resolved. She adds, “We’re fully behind all of those protesting to be heard.”

The missing records are hampering the progression of the historic abuse cases and Marion Reid, co-founder of the group Fornethy House Residential School Survivors, believes it is allowing the council to "wriggle away from any responsibility." Members of the group are planning a protest to be held outside Glasgow City Council in September.


Fettes College - BBC News

BBC News – 13 August 2021

Fettes abuse accuser hails 'bittersweet victory' over extradition

As the Crown Office conducts a U-turn over their stance relating to an 82-year-old alleged abuser, which means extradition proceedings can now commence, the man’s accusers say that while it is undoubtedly good news, the whole situation has left a “bitter taste” because there has been no apology from the Crown or acknowledgement of the errors made.

The former Fettes teacher is currently living in South Africa and the Crown Office had previously held that he could not be extradited due to a time-bar on some historic cases in the jurisdiction. However, working alongside Thompsons solicitors and journalists, the former pupils researched the law in South Africa and found there was no such time-bar.

Laura Connor, of Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland, represents some of the former pupils. She says, “The Crown's decision to now apply for extradition for an accused serial sex offender is very welcome, but serious questions must be asked about why this didn't happen months ago.”

See more on this story below – 9th May 2021.


Community work for teacher who assaulted pupilsBBC News – 8 July 2021

Community work for teacher who assaulted pupils

The Borders teacher convicted of five assault charges and a further charge of threatening or abusive behaviour against young pupils in her care, has been sentenced by Edinburgh Sheriff Court to 150 hours of unpaid community work.

Marina Urie, a senior lawyer at Thompsons in Scotland who is representing families of pupils in their civil claims against the council for their part in the matter, said the public would be "aghast" that the teacher had received a community sentence.


BBC News – 27th May 2021

Inquiry over Borders Council handling of teacher abuse case

Following the guilty verdict in the case of a teacher accused of assaulting five school pupils between August 2016 and October 2017, Scottish Borders Council has announced an independent inquiry into its handling of complaints about Linda McCall.

Parents who complained about the former teacher previously accused the council of attempting a “cover up” and have welcomed the review, while Thompsons Solicitors’ Marina Urie, who is representing the families, said the announcement was a “very welcome development”.


Janis BrownThe Daily Record - 16th May 2021

Scots gran 'trafficked for sexual abuse at Glasgow all girls school aged 8'

A former Fornethy House resident has come forward to tell of the harrowing sexual assault and beatings she was subjected to while under the care of the all-girls residential school in 1964. She told the Daily Record about being taken to ‘parties’ with other girls where men would touch them inappropriately. At least one other survivor has corroborated Janis Brown’s claims about being ‘trafficked’ out to parties.

Janis says despite attempting to block out the abuse for many years, it has left an indelible and detrimental mark on her life.

Now 65, Janis is one of more than 130 former residents who are being represented by Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland. Laura Connor, who heads Thompsons’ dedicated Survivors Team, describes the events which occurred at the school as “depraved” and says this new testimony “sheds more light on the horrific regime endured by young girls at Fornethy”.


Stuart McMillanThe Sunday Post – 16th May 2021

“I was sexually abused by an SFA referee on the way home from a match. I was just 17 but they are denying me compensation.”

A former youth footballer has described to the Sunday Post how he was abused by a known paedophile after participating in a football match for trainee referees almost 40 years ago and later attending an Scottish Football Association awards dinner. However, the SFA is refusing to compensate Stuart McMillan, now 59, saying it is not liable because Hugh Stevenson was not on duty at the time the sexual abuse took place – McMillan, who was a schoolboy at the time, had accepted a lift home in the referee’s car.

Patrick McGuire, partner at Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland, is representing a number of survivors who were abused in various situations connected to football. He said, “Sadly, the response by the SFA to Mr McMillan’s case and to those of others has been, despite their own very damning report, to use every possible legal technicality to deny survivors of historic abuse financial justice.”

Patrick, along with a number of other high-profile commentators, has demanded that the SFA “do the right thing” and fully accept liability.


The Border Telegraph - Teacher AssaultThe Border Telegraph – 14th May 2021

Court: Borders teacher assaulted children at primary school

It took the angry and sustained complaints of parents to make sure a 60-year-old teacher was brought to trial after the school insisted attacks on five primary school pupils had not occurred.

Following an earlier Sheriff Court trial in which Linda McCall walked free, at the appeal hearing, the teacher was found guilty of five assault charges and one further charge of threatening or abusive behaviour. The attacks on pupils aged between five and seven occurred across a 14-month period dating back to August 2016.

The families of the children affected are now planning to sue McCall’s employers, Scottish Borders Council, in civil proceedings. Thompsons’ solicitor Marina Urie, who is representing the families in the civil matter, said that her clients welcome the court verdict and see it as “the first positive step on a long road to justice”.


The Sunday Times - Historical AbuseThe Sunday Times – 9th May 2021

More men accuse ex-Fettes teacher of historical abuse

As the Scottish Crown Office faces renewed calls for the extradition from South Africa of a former teacher who is alleged to have sexually abused at least six pupils during the 1970s, Laura Connor, partner at Thompsons, expresses her great concern that the alleged abuser remains “beyond the reach of the justice system”.

She adds, “We urge the Crown Office to do whatever it can to make sure this abuser is held to account before a Scottish court.”

The Crown Office has so far resisted calls to secure the return of the teacher, who is believed to be in his eighties, because they say it would be fraught with delays and uncertainties.


130 Survivors sue over abuse at girls schoolThe Daily Record – 4th April 2021

130 survivors set to sue over abuse at Scots residential girls' school

The Scottish Sun – 4th April 2021

Over 100 survivors to sue Glasgow council over ‘abuse at girls’ school’

The Glasgow Evening Times – 4th April 2021

Hundreds of girls' school 'sex abuse' survivors to sue Glasgow City Council

As a shocking number of survivors have now come forward to speak out about alleged abuse which occurred at Fornethy House in Angus, a spokesperson for Glasgow City Council says the claims are being "actioned".

Thompsons solicitor, Laura Connor, urges the council to meet with her and the Thompsons Survivors Team so that the legal issues can be resolved as swiftly as possible and not "further add to the suffering of the women involved."

The survivors, who all attended the residential school between 1961 and 1993 when the Council ran the girls-only institution, are claiming financial compensation for the abuse which left them with physical and psychological injuries.

However, for many of them, a potential damages award is not the main reason for making the claim. Carol Whyte sums up the survivors' feelings in the Daily Record: "The girls agree on one thing – we want an apology for what happened to us."


Daily Record - 27th September 2020

Women give chilling accounts of brutality and abuse as children at Scots 'House of Horrors' school

As more women share their stories of physical and sexual abuse which occurred at Fornethy House residential school, Patrick McGuire, Partner at Thompsons Solicitors, says that the firm's specialist Survivor Team has been contacted by more than 55 former residents in a single week.

“In all the years of Thompsons working on many different abuse cases around Scotland, this is unprecedented.”


BBC Radio Scotland – 21st September

Fornethy House Historic Abuse

Historic child abuse survivor and Thompsons’ client Marion Reid talks to BBC Radio Scotland's John Beattie about her experiences at Fornethy House. She describes how the abuse which occurred in her early childhood has led to her suffering PTSD and lifelong problems with her physical and mental health.

Marion says that she now wants closure and to be able to move forward with her life.


Daily Record – 20th September 2020

'House of horrors' Former pupils at Scots residential school left suicidal by 'sexual and physical abuse'

Allegations of historic physical attacks and sexual abuse made against staff members at Fornethy House, a former residential home for girls, have led to a police investigation.

Now, former resident and abuse survivor, Marion Reid has set up group to encourage other survivors to come forward to have their stories heard and to seek the justice they deserve. Many of the women are being represented by Thompsons Solicitors.



Child abuse victims sue Glasgow CelticThe Guardian – 25th June 2020

Child abuse victims to sue Celtic FC in landmark case

The Daily Record – 25th June 2020

Celtic being sued over abuse allegation as legal action launched over historic claims

BBC News – 25th June 2020

Celtic sued by former boys' club player over sexual abuse

STV News - 25th June 2020

Legal action launched against Celtic over historic sex abuse

As ground-breaking legal action against Celtic Football Club formally commences, Patrick McGuire, partner with Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland, explains his feelings regarding the scandal.

“I have spent much time in the company of men who as children were horribly abused by Celtic and Celtic Boys club employees. Their testimony breaks my heart and as a father myself it makes my blood run cold.

"We are now in a position where Celtic’s management will appear in court to argue that these victims are owed nothing by Celtic. Shame on them."

The case will be heard in the Court of Session in the coming months, with Thompsons representing 25 survivors. Patrick states that these latest legal proceedings are "hugely significant" for survivors of historic child abuse.



The Sunday Post – 5th April 2020

Daily Record - 31st March 2020Police in fresh abuse probe at leading private school

A new inquiry into alleged historic child abuse is being carried out by police at St Aloysius College in Glasgow. A number of claims have been made against the private school but, as of yet, none have led to criminal cases in the courts.

However, Thompsons solicitors are handling the civil claims of several former students. Daniel Canning, who represents the claimants, said, “We are investigating all allegations of abuse and encourage anyone affected to contact us.”



Daily Record - 31st March 2020

Daily Record - 31st March 2020Scots football clubs could face massive £12m bill over child sex abuse claims

Reports suggest that Scottish football clubs involved in alleged historic abuse against children could face decades of legal and court action, and be forced to make compensation pay-outs totalling more than £12million.

Thompsons Solicitors in Scotland are currently handling 50 cases in respect of abuse at Scottish clubs including Celtic FC and Rangers FC, with the clubs facing claims for psychological and physical traumas which, in many cases, have robbed the claimants of certain life chances.

Patrick McGuire, a partner with Thompsons Solicitors, told the Daily Record “Despite the current lockdown due to coronavirus, the wheels of justice still turn and my team of lawyers, working fully from home, continue to progress our football abuse cases as well as all others."



BBC News - 10th January 2020

BBC News - 10th January 2020Victims to sue over abuse at Sailors' Society home

Thompsons' solicitors are acting in two test cases for former residents of the Lagarie children's home in Rhu, Argyll, a home run by the Sailors' Society between 1949 and 1982.

In 2018, the BBC screened a documentary in which a former chief executive with the Christian charity apologised for abuse that occurred at the home. However, solicitors for the Sailors' Society have not engaged with Thompsons in any meaningful way in respect of justice for the former residents who were abused.

Patrick McGuire, partner with Thompsons Solicitors told the BBC, "What they are doing is forcing every single survivor to give their evidence in court. It's demeaning, it's insulting and it's denigrating to those people who they abused in the first place."



Daily Record – 28th October 2019

Daily Record 28th October 2019Celtic Boys' club beast abused young player in toy shop while other man watched

Thompson's client, Gordon Woods, has spoken out about the abuse he suffered at the hands of convicted paedophile Jim Torbett during his time as a young player at Celtic Boy's Club. Mr Woods said, "I'm disgusted at Celtic FC's claim that they were separate from the boy's club. That was not my experience. Nothing could be further from the truth."

Patrick McGuire, from Thompsons Solicitors, told the Daily Record, “In telling his story publicly, Mr Woods has shown great courage which should be admired. He, along with all the other survivors from Celtic and Celtic Boys’ Club, want the club to take responsibility for the decades of abuse which happened on their watch and to show respect to those survivors by effecting quick and appropriate settlement of all legal actions.”



BBC News – 17th October 2019

BBC News 28th October 2019Rangers 'covered up' reasons for abuse claim coach's departure

Complaints made by parents about the behaviour of Gordon Neely, a youth coach at Hutcheson Vale, Hibernian and Rangers in the 1980s and 90s, should have led to a police investigation and his sacking, but despite the club's assurances that the matter had been properly dealt with, new evidence has revealed that Neely was able to carry on abusing youngsters at Rangers until further complaints in 1991 led to his dismissal.

A former youth team player at Rangers has now come forward to tell how he was abused by Neely. His lawyer, Daniel Canning from Thompsons, told the BBC: "Our client has shown great courage in coming forward and speaking about his experience as a child at Rangers. Secrecy, misinformation and a failure to take decisive action have always been the circumstances that have allowed child abuse to take place and abusers to continue abusing."



The HeraldThe Herald – 15th September 2019

Rangers and Hibs among clubs being sued by abuse victims

Nine people have come forward to sue the football clubs linked to former Scottish football scout Harry Dunn and coach Gordon Neely. Both men died before abuse allegations could be heard in Scottish courts.

Laura Conner of Thompsons Solicitors says the "terrible legacy of historic abuse at the heart of Scottish football" is something that "cannot be properly addressed until every club involved acknowledges the wrongs of the past and their responsibility by offering unreserved apologies and financial justice to every survivor".



Daily Record 17th May 2019Daily Record – 17th May 2019

Celtic FC cleared Boys' Club bosses over 'scurrilous' abuse claims in 1986

As evidence is uncovered of Celtic FC’s knowledge of abuse claims made against former youth coaches and other “leaders” as far back as the mid-1980s, Patrick McGuire of Thompsons Solicitors says that the new revelations “go further than ever before in disproving the ridiculous assertion that the boys’club and Celtic were separate organisations”. McGuire once again called for an official apology and proper compensation to be made to survivors of historical child abuse at the youth clubs.




Daily Record 15th May 2019DAILY RECORD - 15th May 2019

Celtic Boys' Club paedo ring claim as lawyer outlines sex beast connections

THE SCOTTISH SUN - 15th May 2019

PREDATORS. Celtic Boys Club at centre of paedophile ring cover-up claims after FOURTH footie perv nailed

Patrick McGuire of Thompsons Solicitors explains the relevance of evidence that links the latest former youth football coach jailed for historic child sex abuse, Jim McCafferty, with two "of the most prolific paedophiles in the football setting".




BBC Scotland 14th May 2019BBC Scotland – 14th May 2019

Former Celtic youth football coach Jim McCafferty admits abuse

Sky News – 14th May 2019

Ex-Celtic youth coach Jim McCafferty admits sexually abusing young footballers

As former youth football coach Jim McCafferty was jailed for historic child sex abuse against 10 teenage boys, four of whom played for Celtic Boys Club and the Celtic youth team, Thompsons' solicitor Patrick McGuire says that all eyes are now firmly on the board of Celtic Football Club because McCafferty's connection with the club is "now utterly undeniable".

McGuire has long called for Celtic FC to "do the right thing" in financially compensating survivors of historic child abuse which occurred as a result of involvement with the youth clubs.



Scottish Sun - Celtic Boys Club

THE SCOTTISH SUN - 18th March 2019

Celtic Boys Club abuse victims’ lawyer urges Hoops chiefs to set aside millions for compo payouts like Manchester City

Thompsons' historic child abuse solicitor Patrick McGuire has called on Celtic Football Club "to do the right thing by survivors" and take responsibility for its role in child abuse perpetrated at Celtic Boys Club by jailed former staff members Jim Torbett and Frank Cairney.

McGuire says: “The extent of our evidence is growing. If they think we’ll blink and go away they are labouring under an incredible delusion.”



Daily Record - Canadian cops spark abuse probe at St Aloysius College

DAILY RECORD - 17th March 2019

Canadian cops spark abuse probe at St Aloysius’ College in Glasgow

Police officers in Canada send details of alleged abuse at St Aloysius' college dating back to the 1950s and a further 13 people contact Thompsons' solicitors in Scotland with more claims of historic abuse at the school. Additional members of staff and the Jesuit order are implicated.




Daily Record - St Aloysius College abuse claims

DAILY RECORD - 10th March 2019

St Aloysius’ College crisis deepens as top Glasgow private school faces five new abuse claims

BBC - 10th March 2019

More claims of abuse at St Aloysius College

HERALD - 10th March 2019

Further claims of historic abuse at St Aloysius' College in Glasgow

Further survivors of historic school child abuse at St Aloysius' College in Glasgow come forward to make allegations against Jesuit priests and teachers at the prestigious school.

The allegations relate to the time period of the mid-1960s and mid-1980s. Solicitor Patrick McGuire explains how the survivor team at Thompsons can help anyone who has been affected.



DAILY RECORD - 3rd March 2019

BBC Website - Private school investigated over sex abuse claimsCops probe historic sex abuse allegations at top Glasgow private school St Aloysius’ College

BBC - 3rd March 2019

Private school investigated over sex abuse claims

The Herald - 3rd March 2019

Abuse claim at top Glasgow private school probed by police

As an allegation of historic child abuse at St Aloysius' College in Glasgow triggers a police investigation,

Thompsons' abuse claims solicitor Patrick McGuire asks other survivors to come forward so they can receive confidential advice and support, and assist in the inquiries. The former pupil's shocking claims of systematic abuse over two and a half years by Jesuit priests need corroboration to further the quest for justice.



Glasgow Evening Times logo

Victim of ex-Celtic Boys Club coach Frank Cairney speaks out – 8 February 2019

As the former football coach is jailed for sex offences committed between 1965 and 1986, one survivor speaks out.

Patrick MCGuire, partner at Thompsons Solicitors and legal representative of a number of claimants against Celtic Football Club and Celtic Boys Club, says, “Celtic think they can hide from their moral and legal responsibilities by claiming they were a separate organisation.

"This is a shabby, immoral and insulting position for an organisation like Celtic Football Club to take.”

Listen to Patrick McGuire on BBC Radio Scotland below.

As Frank Cairney, former football coach at Celtic Boys Club, is jailed for sex offences committed between 1965 and 1986, Patrick McGuire speaks to BBC Radio Scotland about the survivors’ fight for justice.


The Daily Record logo

'Rape victim' mum to fight Catholic Church in court over disgraced priest Father Gerry Nugent - 16th December 2018

Survivor who received counselling paid by the Church and received an apology from Archbishop Philip Tartaglia told to prove she was abused in Court.

Alan Rodgers, Partner at Thompsons Solicitors Scotland says “This deeply cynical stance by the Church flies in the face of their public statements about their belief in, & support of, survivors.


Daily Record logo

Celtic Boys Club beast Jim Torbett 'convinced Celtic to sign victim so abuse could continue' - 10th December 2018

Former youth player and Thompsons' client speaks of abuser's "huge influence" at Celtic Park. Laura Connor partner, says: “The idea that Celtic Boys Club and Celtic FC were not connected is clearly nonsense.


Daily Record Logo

Celtic Boys' Club sex abuse victim says torment carried on when he signed for Parkhead club - 7th December 2018

Thompsons' client, Kenny Campbell talks to the Daily Record on abuse suffered as a youth player at Celtic Football Club. Laura Connor, partner says Celtic Football Club must face up to its responsibilities for those abused under their care.


BBC One Logo

Mark Daly speaks to Patrick McGuire, partner at Thompsons as he investigates allegations of sexual and physical abuse across four decades at a Christian children's home in Argyll. Mark hears the untold stories of former residents who say they were systematically raped and abused throughout their childhoods by adults who were meant to care for them. Daly challenges the Sailors' Society charity that ran the home on whether it has done enough for those who continue to suffer through the legacy of abuse. BBC One Disclosure - Suffer the Children

Watch Patrick McGuire, partner and Janine Rennie, chief executive of Wellbeing Scotland speak to STV News on legal action against the Scottish Football Association over historic abuse claims.



The Herald Logo

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry is 'barely scratching the surface - 7th November 2017

Janie Rennie, chief executive of Falkirk-based counselling charity Wellbeing Scotland (formerly Open Secret) advises they are trying to get as many people as possible to come forward, but survivors lack trust in the Scottish Government.


Evening Times Logo

Child sex abuse survivors hold Glasgow rally to highlight atrocities they endured - 7th November 2017

Thompsons attended this event showing support and offering legal advice to survivors about how to get justice through compensation. Lindsay Bruce solicitor in our Historic Abuse Team says “It is important for survivors to get acknowledgement. You tend to find that people are looking for an apology and acceptance for what had happened.”

STV News logo

Legal time bar lifted for childhood abuse survivors - 4th October 2017

Janie Rennie, chief executive of Wellbeing Scotland comments on time bar that stopped survivours of historic childhood abuse in Scotland being able to pursue civil damages after three years being abolished.


Evening Times Child Abuse Article

Campaigners welcome new child abuse bill which will allow more survivors to seek justice - Evening Times 23rd June 2017

In this article Lindsay Bruce, who is a senior lawyer in Thompsons Historic Abuse Unit speaks with the evening times as she campaigns in central Glasgow to encourage more survivors of abuse to come forward. Many survivors feel very strongly that the Scottish Government and police have greatly underestimated how many victims of historic abuse have still to come forward. One of the key campaigns that Thompsons is involved with is encouraging more survivors to come forward by offering advice and contacts with other survivors and support charities.


Glasgow Evening Times Child Abuse

MSPs approve scrapping of time bar on child abuse legal action - Evening Times 22nd June 2017

Lindsay Bruce a senior lawyer in Thompsons Historic Abuse Unit. Lindsay is dedicated to helping survivors with all aspects of their legal claims and regularly attends events and conferences to speak with survivors and their families. In this interview Lindsay speaks with the Evening Times as the Scottish Parliament changes the law to allow survivors to pursue civil compensation claims against their abusers. Lindsay makes clear what a landmark change this is and how long and hard people have fought for it.


BBC News Scotland Logo

Scottish child abuse inquiry hears apologises over 'deplorable' attacks - BBC News 31st May 2017

Patrick McGuire, pictured on the left, is the partner in charge of Thompsons Historic Abuse Unit. He joined survivors outside the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry in Edinburgh as they held a vigil for all survivors. Patrick had long worked with survivors to press for this inquiry and also for the change in the law to allow compensation claims to be pursued. As a firm Thompsons are committed not just to helping victims with legal claims but also with campaigning work to raise with the authorities issues that survivors face.


Daily Record Logo

Just 100 in 15,000 sex abuse tip offs lead to conviction in Scotland - 16th April 2017

Chief executive of Wellbeing Scotland, Janine Rennie speaks to the Daily Record on lack of police action over child abuse claims. Janine advises that information and names were passed to police, there were several witnesses but no convictions.


BBC News Scotland Logo

Charity sets up helpline for child abuse survivors - 12th April 2017

Wellbeing Scotland sets up helpline to give survivors a chance to confidentially name the person or people who abused them. The helpline is for anyone who has suffered historic abuse.

The Herald Logo

Details of three child sex abuse rings handed to police in wake of football scandal - 11th December 2016

Scottish child abuse charity met with police and told officers about three paedophile rings operating in central Scotland in the 1970s. The charity uncovered some 367 people who suffered multiple abuse mainly in the Falkirk area.


THe Times Logo

Police to investigate claims of Scottish paedophile ring - 4th December 2016

Janine Rennie from Open Secret speaks to The Times with regards to evidence on a paedophile ring in central Scotland during the 1970s. 350 men and women in Falkirk have reported that they had been sexually abused by different people when they were children.


The Times Logo

Survivors ‘lose faith’ in sex abuse inquiry - 1st December 2016

Charities that support survivors of historic abuse say "you have to think about the human impact on everybody who's involved in abuse"


Radio Interviews

Tommy Harley from Voice Within speaks to BBC Radio on historic abuse at football clubs

Tommy Harley from Voice Within tells his story to senior Journalist Laura Maciver on the BBC radio lunchtime programme.

Tommy responded to a report about historic abuse at football clubs where a Thompsons client was also involved.


Patrick McGuire speaks to BBC Radio Scotland on time bar lifted for abuse survivors in Scotland

On Wednesday 4th October 2017 the time bar preventing survivors of historic abuse taking civil legal action was finally lifted. Patrick McGuire speaks to BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme to discuss the implications for survivors.


Patrick McGuire, Partner interview on historical abuse

The Partner in charge of the Thompsons Historic Sex Abuse Unit, Patrick McGuire, speaks with BBC Scotland’s John Beattie about compensation claims for survivors. Patrick is one of Scotland’s most accomplished and best known solicitors. He has an unsurpassed track record in representing victims who have been ignored by the authorities and other law firms. Patrick works with the country’s leading abuse charities and not only represents hundreds of survivors but helps campaign for greater recognition and help for victims. This interview was record shortly before the law in Scotland was changed to allow survivors to pursue compensation from those responsible for the abuse.



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