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FAI for Cycling Champion's widowScottish Cycling Champion Jason McIntyre’s widow Caroline has said that police inquiries into his death ‘raised more questions than they answered.’

And she criticised the Crown Office for taking two years to agree to hold a fatal accident inquiry into her husband’s death.

Mrs McIntyre 33, said: “I can’t believe I have had to fight so hard to try and find out what really happened to Jason.

“We know where and when Jason died, but not how or why, and makes it so difficult to come to terms with it all.

“The police inquiry into his death was so inadequate and half-hearted it raised more questions than it answered.

“They didn’t even close the road to investigate the accident scene, and then they examined the wrong part of the road.

“But despite all that its taken two years get Crown Office officials to agree to hold an FAI.”

Jason 34, who had high hopes of making Britain’s cycling team for the Beijing Olympics, died in January 2008 after a collision with a council van which turned into his path while he was out on a training run near his home in Fort William.

Online tributes spoke of him in the same class as Scots cycling greats Robert Millar, Graham Obree and Chris Hoy, and it emerged he had just been given funding to train for the Commonwealth Games.

As part of the campaign for an FAI Mrs McIntyre, the mother of 11-year old twin girls, had to convince officials that Jason spent so much of his time cycling that he was effectively engaged in his occupation when he died, and therefore legally entitled to an inquiry.

She said: “Establishing Jason’s occupation was a very emotional and at times harrowing journey for me.

“I had to go into his on-bike computer which recorded everything right down to his heartbeats to get accurate information on his training runs and that was hard.

“But Jason always did everything to the best of his ability and I feel I owe it to him to make sure that everything that could have been done for him was done.

Mrs McIntyre’s solicitor Patrick McGuire of Thompsons Solicitors said: “We believed there were a number of very strong grounds for a Fatal Accident Inquiry.

 “We simply didn’t accept the Crown’s position that all the relevant facts had been established when the van driver appeared in court, as he pled guilty and there was only the briefest of summaries of the accident.

“In most accidents there is immediate recognition of the likely factors that caused it to happen.

“In this particular case we remain completely in the dark about what factors led to it happening.

“Here we have a set of circumstances that completely defy explanation and to be waiting two years is so hard to verge on the inhuman. 

The Fatal Accident Inquiry into Jason McIntyre’s death is due to be held at Fort William Sheriff Court over the first three days in March.

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