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Whiplash injuries should not automatically be dismissed as minor and treatment should be sought if symptoms are suffered is the message which comes though after a recent case involving a man who suffered a Stroke 34 days after suffering whiplash in a rear end shunt accident.

Robert Bright, aged 58 was involved in a road traffic accident on the M27 when his vehicle was shunted whilst sitting stationary in traffic. He exchanged details with the other driver at the scene and thereafter began to notice neck pain and headaches which he attributed to whiplash after having been thrown forward due to the impact from the other vehicle. This pain continued over the next few weeks but he did not consult a doctor on the basis that he thought it would get better on its own.

Unfortunately he went on to suffer from a stroke. This was caused by a blood clot having formed as a result of the whiplash injury splitting the main artery that supplies blood to the brain. In this case supportive medical evidence was obtained confirming that the stroke was directly linked to the whiplash injuries and the road traffic accident. The insurers admitted liability for the accident and the large payout represents loss of earnings and the requirement for future care.

A recent report by the Association of Personal Injuries Lawyers (APIL) found that around one in five whiplash injuries last more than one year. This report and this case demonstrates that people who suffer from whiplash are genuine pursuers with genuine and potentially life altering injuries which should be dismissed as a result of the current culture fed by the Coalition Government that whiplash claims are largely overstated or fraudulent. Anyone who suffers an injury of any kind in a road traffic accident ought to seek medical and legal assistance for their own peace of mind. 

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