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The second part of the legal aid bill that changes the rules on no win no fee arrangements has had very little media coverage.  It’s reported that the second part of the bill will effect a lot of ordinary people from claiming compensation from large corporations if it is passed.

In an article in the Guardian newspaper John Prescott highlighted that if the governments proposals to change the rules on no win no fee agreements become a reality it would be impossible for people like him or any member of the public to “take on the financial might of the millionaire owners of the free press over an issue like phone hacking”. John Prescott stated that “anybody challenging a Murdoch in the future would find themselves exhausted and outspent by the wealthy who carp on about freedoms - but only for those who can afford them.”

The article outlines that numerous media corporations were respondents to the consultation and were in support of the governments proposed changes. What John Prescott found when investigating looked like a conspiracy to advantage media tycoons and shareholders and limit access to the less well off. 

The article highlights that the media is an essential source through which people can find out information to help them form views. Therefore, if the media through their coverage of an issue or lack of coverage of an issue are conspiring to make sure certain legislation is passed it makes it difficult for the legislation to be properly scrutinised.

John Prescott states he is not against legislation to stop dodgy whiplash claims or legislation to reduce insurance premiums. He is against a bill which would ordinary people taking on vested interests and supercorporations. 

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