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The UK Government have announced a new scheme to compensate British victims of terror abroad.  However, even though the new scheme is not retrospective the Government have announced that victims of terrorists acts, overseas since 2002 would be able to make a compensation claim, which will come as welcome news to the families of those killed or maimed in the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008, Sharm-el-Sheikh 2005 and Bali in 2002.  At present, the only scheme in place covers victims who are harmed as a result of terrorist acts within the UK only.  The scheme which will be known as the Victims of Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme will run along the same lines as the UK’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme which runs on a tariff scheme based on the severity of the victim’s injuries.

The new scheme will have immediate affect and is designed to acknowledge those who “continue to face hardship as a result of the ongoing consequences of a disability arising from the injuries sustained.”

The scheme is contained within the Crime and Security Bill which is presently being put through Parliament. It is understood the scheme will be administered by the CICA in Glasgow.

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