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Patrick McGuire, Partner at Thompsons Personal Injury Solicitors- INQUIRY MUST CONTINUE TO PUT NHS INFECTION CONTROL UNDER THE MICROSCOPE 

Speaking ahead of the evidence from doctors at the Vale of Leven getting underway today, recognised legal representative for the victims of the C.difficile outbreak at the Vale of Leven and partner at Thompsons Solicitors, Patrick McGuire, said:

“This evidence session is a key opportunity to learn lasting lessons and avoid a repeat of the tragedy which saw people lose their loved ones.

“We are fully behind the Inquiry and its approach.  It must put the NHS approach to infection control at the time of the tragedy fully under the microscope.  Only then can we be absolutely sure that this Inquiry leads to lasting change in the way infections are controlled in our hospitals.  

“The C.difficile outbreak at the Vale of Leven is a tragedy that must never be repeated.  Families saw their loved ones go into hospital and never come out. No one can begin to imagine what they’ve been through.

“We’ve heard some very concerning evidence so far regarding what happened at the hospital and we hope that doctors can shine further light on what went wrong. 

“The families rightly want answers but they also want this tragedy to never happen again.”

Speaking on behalf of the C.difficile Justice Group, Michelle Stewart, whose mother-in-law Sarah McGinty, died of C.difficile at the Vale of Leven, said:

 “The evidence we’ve heard has brought back painful memories for all of the victims of the outbreak.  With the doctors we’ll hopefully learn more about what went on and what is needed to avoid something like this ever happening again.

“There were clearly serious issues with care, but we’re convinced this goes a lot further- the whole system needs to be looked at and failures rooted out. 

“With every piece of evidence we’ll hopefully get closer to ensuring that no other family has to go through what we did.”  

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