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The Scottish campaign group representing victims of the PiP implant scandal has accused the Health Secretary of denying them answers after she failed to back the group’s calls for a Public Inquiry into the scandal. 

The comments came after Nicola Sturgeon failed to state her support for a Public Inquiry sighting UK Government-led reviews into some of the issues raised by the scandal. 

Spokeswoman for the PiP Implants Scotland campaign group, Trisha Devine, said:

“We’re pretty surprised by Nicola Sturgeon’s response today. 

“We were hoping for support in our efforts to find out what happened and make sure this never happens again.  Instead we’re being denied the answers we need.

“A half-hearted, closed doors review carried out by the UK Government isn’t enough.  “The victims of this scandal have been living a nightmare since finding out that what’s in side them could be dangerous.  The least we’re owed is a transparent, independent and full public inquiry into this nightmare.” Lawyer for the victims and partner at Thompsons Solicitors, Patrick McGuire, is also an expert in Public Inquiries.  He said:

“These women have been through a complete nightmare.  A number feel let-down by their clinics and they must not be let-down by their Government. 

“This is a serious Scottish public health issue – the Government must act in the interests of the Scottish people on this and not hide behind the UK Government’s reviews.   “There are a series of questions that demand thorough, independent scrutiny and that comes with the weight of a Public Inquiry.  It’s the least these women deserve.

“There are questions hanging unanswered like why the Scottish NHS didn’t use PiP when England did; What the rupture rate is in Scotland; the public health dangers of silicone in general; what can be done to improve regulation of private clinics in Scotland and how we make sure dangerous implants like PiP breasts and defective hips don’t slip through the net and get certificates in the future.

“This scandal demands a more serious response than closed-door Government-led reviews.

“The Scottish Government has proven itself in the past to be light of foot in getting answers for victims through Public Inquiries. 

“The Scottish Parliament has the power to order an inquiry to find the solution that is needed for the Scottish people and the Scottish people deserve no less.  It will be no comfort to the people of Scotland if the Scottish Government fails to act and we have another disaster, if they are told our parliament relied on Westminster to solve a problem that could be fixed through Holyrood.

“We would urge them to lead the way again.”   

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