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Victims want answers to long-term health concerns

Scottish victims of the PIP implant scandal have voiced their serious concerns over the Government’s stance on the health threat posed by the substandard medical device.

The campaign group’s comments follow the tragic death of a young Scots mother who died following a rupture of her PIP breast implants.

Susan Grieve was just 40 when she lost her fight against an extremely rare form of cancer, Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, last month – the same form of cancer that killed French PIP victim Edwige Ligoneche late last year.

An official report published recently by the UK Government concluded that although PIP implants have a higher risk of rupture than other products, they are not deemed to be toxic or carcinogenic.

Spokeswoman for the PiP Implants Scotland campaign group, Trisha Devine, said:

“Susan Grieve went through absolute hell, and I have so much admiration for the courage and strength of mind Susan and her family showed throughout her traumatic struggle for survival. Her family are continuing the fight for justice and we will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them.“

The Government’s final report on the issue states that the implants, which were made with unauthorised silicone filler, pose no long-term threat to human health.

Trisha comments:

“After a brief investigation and a couple of Government reports, the “experts” now tell us that there’s no significant long-term risk for women with PIP implants.

“So the Government is happy to close the book on this and ignore the women who are reporting more and more health problems?

“It took centuries to discover the health dangers of asbestos, lead and mercury poisoning. We’re not going to let political scientists dupe us into believing that just because there's no scientific evidence to show harm right now, industrial silicone is perfectly safe to have inside our bodies.”

“When will we see a genuine concern for victims’ wellbeing? Right now the priority seems to be money before medicine.”

Jenny Brown had PiP implants surgery at Transform private clinic. The implants ruptured and were removed in February this year, but it was later discovered that chemicals from the implants had leaked into the lymph nodes under her right arm. Jenny comments:

“The Government thinks we’ll be satisfied by their own reports, but how can we have faith in their findings when we don’t have all the evidence before us?

“The MHRA found 68 different chemical compounds in PiP implants but they won’t tell us what they are. They say there’s no long-term health concerns, but won’t show us their research.

“Like many other victims, I’ve had to send a Freedom of Information request to the UK regulator to get information on these chemicals, and I’m still waiting.

“We need full disclosure.”Lawyer for the victims and partner at Thompsons Solicitors, Patrick McGuire, commented:

“We expect the Government to publish the research behind their official reports shortly, together with more in-depth information on the toxicity of the PIP implants themselves.

“The victims are worried, and rightly so. They are not prepared to accept the findings of the official reports until they have all the evidence before them.

“These reports, in particular Sir Bruce Keogh’s expert report, cannot be accepted as final and must be subject to ongoing review    “At Thompsons we’re standing fully behind these women in their campaign for fair treatment from their clinics, justice and for lessons to be learned from this scandal. That’s why we’re helping these women fight the clinics in the court and backing their calls for a full and thorough public inquiry into this scandal in Scotland.

“I’d urge all victims of the PiP scandal to seek legal advice to find out their rights. Anyone affected should call us free on 0800 081 29 24


NOTES TO EDITORS:  To arrange further comments from Trisha Devine, Jenny Brown and/or Patrick McGuire, contact Tim Weir on 07974 262 997 

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