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A boy who was turned away from hospital for “misusing emergency services” has been awarded £3.2 million in compensation after he was left brain damaged.

The patient, Mark Thomas, was 12 years old when he was turned away from the A&E Department of Walsall Manor.  Thomas was a fit and healthy schoolboy who he started to complain of ear infections and a stiff neck.  Blood tests were taken but the meningitis was undiagnosed by hospital staff.  Five days later his condition had failed to improve so his parents sought a second opinion and approached the casualty department of the hospital.  However his condition was not deemed serious enough and the family was sent away.

When the meningitis was finally diagnosed, the infection had spread, causing meningeal infection of the brain.  It has left him with brain damage which affects his short term memory.

The illness has left him with the mind of a child and he will never be able to work or live independently.

The family were claiming compensation, not only for the pain and suffering that he has had to endure, but also for the care he will require in the future.  They are also claiming compensation for the fact that he will never be able to work.

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