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Hip  Replacement Compensation Claims Lots of people have been looking for more information regarding the DePuy Hip Replacement Recall.  Obviously if you think that you have been affected by this you should contact our no win no fee solicitors to see if they can assist you.  Many people have been asking why these new unsafe hip replacements were being used.  Older hip replacements were made of cement but as there was constant rubbing in the joints, they had a relatively short shelf life, as they would wear and grind down eventually, leading to the requirement for another hip replacement. 

The medical industry was keen to create something with a much longer life and this led to DePuy designing and manufacturing a new metal hip joint.  This is what is known as a metal on metal hip replacement.  There was much less grinding and wearing down of the joint unlike the cement joints.  However there was still some debris from the rubbing bearings.  This is where the problem began as many of the metal on metal hip replacements began to rub and the debris was no longer cement, which was relatively harmless.  The metal debris was found to be leaking cobalt and chrome into the body causing a number of painful symptoms and tissue damage and they were also linked with non-cancerous tumors.

It is not clear just how many brands are at risk of this happening but if you think that you are at risk you should contact a solicitor for advice as soon as is possible.  Women and people with smaller implants are thought to be at a higher risk.

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