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Mr Reed has received a payment of £14,000 as a result of his compensation claim against his employer. He was employed by a company called Hepworth Concrete Ltd which manufactured cement. Mr Reed was employed in the manufacturing process.

However, his employer did not at any point warn him about the dangers involved in working with cement dust. He was also not provided with proper protective equipment or even advised to wear gloves. On occasions he even had to change in or out of his work clothes next to where he was working.

As a result of these conditions and treatment Mr Reed developed contact dermatitis on his legs, forearms and hands. The skin became itchy and uncomfortable and these symptoms have persisted in the three years since he stopped working for Hepworth Concrete Ltd.

Due to this severe discomfort Mr Reed decided to seek compensation from his former employer. At first his claim was contested, but his employer backed down after facing the prospect of being taken to court and Mr Reed accepted a settlement of £14,000.

If you are suffering from dermatitis due to poor working conditions, contact Thompsons No Win No Fee solicitors on 0800 0891331, as you may be entitled to claim compensation. 

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