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Thompsons Personal Injury Solicitors are experts in claiming compensation for clients injured by accidents caused by lackadaisical Health and Safety practices by employers. 

The law governing this area is the Health and Safety at Work  Act 1974, together with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Civil liability under these rules is fairly strict.  That is to say, there will be little room for an employer, in breach of these regulations, to be able to wriggle out of their duty to pay compensation to an injured party.

Serious breaches of these regulations can lead to financial penalties.  This happens less regularly than claims for compensation but there was a notable example in Scotland this week. 

An explosives firm in Fife was ordered to pay a fine of £10,000 due to its breach of Health and Safety Law.

The employee was attempting to unblock a piece of machinery when it unexpectedly leapt in to action, severing two and a half fingers from his left hand.

The accident was blamed on the company (OricaUK Ltd) not having carried out an effective risk assessment prior to allowing employees to work on the specific piece of machinery.

The HSE described the incident as “serious and avoidable” before calling for all companies conducting similar operations to look again at their risk assessment procedure.

The £10,000 fine is separate from the injured parties claim for personal injury compensation which is still to be concluded.

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