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Over 1500 people were awarded compensation after buying faulty sofas. The victims suffered skin irritation, rashes, burns and various other health problems due to a chemical contained in the sofas. The sofas were made in China and contained a fungicide called DMF. Although European law requires that imported sofas are tested before entering the UK, the chemical was so toxic that it was not tested for, as it was assumed that it would never be used in the manufacture of sofas.

DMF turns into a gas when heated, and the problem with this being used in sofas is that when people sit on them their body heat activates the gas. This means that the more people used their sofas, the greater their injuries. Many high street retailers had sold these sofas, including Argos and Land of Leather.

This was the first case of its kind, and so there was no guide as to the level of compensation to be awarded. In the end, the victims were awarded between £1,250 and £10,000 of compensation, depending on the seriousness of their injuries.

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