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Beryl Rushton has been paid £240,000 compensation for a holiday illness claim.  It is thought that this is the highest award of compensation that has been paid out by a tour operator for a holiday illness claim.

Rushton, who is 66, suffered from septicaemia, temporary blindness and organ failure after her holiday 7 years ago in the Dominican Republic.  The holiday was booked through First Choice and the hotel involved was the luxury Tropical Beach Resort.

Her ordeal began after she ordered fish in the hotel restaurant.  Around half way through her meal she saw a big black bloody worm in her fish.  A few hours later she started to feel really ill and upon her return to the UK she was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with bacterial gastroenteritis.

Her lawyers argued that her health problems were as a result of poor hygiene at the hotel.

Rushton was a fit and healthy former yoga teacher but she now can no longer leave the house alone and has to take 26 tablets a day to treat her conditions.  Rushton was claiming compensation for the pain and suffering she has endured as a result of the incident and also for medical care costs.

If you have been affected by an illness as a result of a tour package holiday then contact our Compensation Claim Solicitors on 0800 0891 331 who will advise if you have a valid claim for compensation.

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