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Bullying can manifest itself in many different ways. It could be that your boss is sending you a series of e-mails in capital letters with exclamation marks. That is considered to be bullying.

It could also be that you are picked on by your boss for doing something but when one of your colleagues does the same thing, your boss is much more lenient with them.

If you do feel that your boss is bullying you, one of the first things that you should do is begin to keep a diary.

At a stressful time it is easy to forget incidents and if you keep a diary it is a handy record of events. You may also begin to notice patterns of behaviour which amount to bullying.

If at all possible your concerns should be raised at the earliest possible point. If you are a member of a union then you should contact your union representative immediately and ask them to assistyou.

Sometimes it is possible to iron out difficulties before things get out of hand. Regrettably most bullying bosses cannot see reason and an informal meeting to air concerns tends not to resolve matters. In most cases a more formal approach is normally required.

If you are being bullied you must remember that no action on your part merits you receiving the bullying treatment.

Maltreatment of staff is inexcusable and you should always seek to nip it in the bud at the earliest opportunity.

Most employers are very mindful of the dangers of bullying on ground of age, disability, race, religion & belief, sex or sexual orientation and you should be able to resolve matters at some stage of the procedures which are generally in place to deal with them.

If that fails, then ultimately your recourse would be to a Court or Employment Tribunal. You should obtain advice on this from your union representative or a specialist solicitor as there are time limits that apply to matters affecting your employment and in particular any claim of unlawful discrimination must generally be lodged with the Central Office of Employment Tribunals in Glasgowwithin 3 months.

You would also require to satisfy the Tribunal that you had lodged with your employer a detailed written grievance not less than 28 days prior to the submission to the Tribunal of any application to Tribunal.

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