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Families of the tragic victims of the Clostridium difficile (C-diff) - outbreak at the Vale of Leven Hospital called a press conference On the 8th July 2008 to announce that they have chosen Thompsons Solicitors to act on their behalf.

And they immediately demanded a meeting with Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon to press their calls for a full public inquiry, which claimed the lives of nine patients and infected more than 50 others at the hospital earlier this year.

Solicitor Patrick McGuire of Thompsons said: "At the moment the families are not thinking about a compensation claim. That is not what they are interested in.

They are here for justice, and for answers. They want to ensure that every lesson which can be learned from this terrible tragedy is learned.

We do not accept that the investigation taking place is good enough.

With that in mind we are immediately calling for a meeting with Ms Sturgeon to put out case to her as thoroughly as possible as to why a public inquiry is absolutely necessary.

Although the families are happy that Nicola Sturgeon has established an independent review, they do not feel it is enough as it will not speak to the families.

At the very least the people conducting the review should speak to those affected."

The seven families have instructed Thompsons to lead the campaign for a public inquiry, and a meeting with Nicola Sturgeon but they have not ruled out taking legal action against NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in the future.

One of the relatives, Michelle Stewart whose mother in law Sarah McGinty was a victim of C-diff at Vale of Leven said:

"We need to know that other families will not go through this agony and that these agencies will learn the lessons that will stop other families suffering as we have."

Kim McGarrity, whose grandmother Ellen Gildea, 93 was one of the victims said:

"I want answers as to why this happened; why there was a lack of resources and why the staff were uninformed. Most importantly I want reassurance from the Scottish government and Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board that they will put procedures in place that would prevent other families from going through what we did. I wouldn't want to succumb to such a painful and degrading infection such as C-Diff."

Labour's public health spokesman Dr Richard Simpson said:

"After so many deaths, which experts say could have been prevented, both Nicola Sturgeon and Greater Glasgow Health Board should have the courage to say sorry. An apology is the least that these families deserve.

"I fully understand why they also want a public inquiry, completely independent of government, to provide answers about what happened to their relatives and ensure it never happens to anyone else.

"All of us need to have confidence that when we go into hospital we will be cared for in safe and clean conditions. Nicola Sturgeon should do as the families ask and order a public inquiry now."

Thompsons are delighted to do all we can to seek answers, justice and redress for families affected by the outbreak of C-Diff at Vale of Leven. We are also eager to hear from any other person or family in the UK who has been affected by C-diff.

The Scottish Government later announced that relatives of those affected are being invited to put forward their views.

If you or someone you love has suffered with C Diff please call our lawyers FREE on 0800 0 89 1331 and we can advise you on your first step towards receiving compensation.

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