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A postal worker has recently received a compensation payout after being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Mr Fletcher had worked in the mail sorting room at the time.

He had worked in this position for 10 years, from 1999 until 2009. The nature of his job was very repetitive and involved sorting letters and parcels into different piles depending on where they were being sent. He would then distribute these piles of mail into different bags or cages depending on their weight. He did this every day that he worked and he normally worked around 44 hours a week.

The job involved a series of very repetitive arm and finger movements. In 2009 he began to notice that his grip was becoming weaker. He was diagnosed with the repetitive strain injury carpal tunnel syndrome and had to have surgery on his wrists.

Mr Fletcher made a compensation claim against his employer soon after this. His claim was settled and he received a compensation payment of £3,000.

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