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On 13 December 2016, our client, a bus driver for Stagecoach Western was driving a single-decker bus from Ardrossan to Kilmarnock.

He had been driving down Lauchlan Way in Kilwinning, at no more than 20 mph, when a third-party vehicle coming in the opposite direction suddenly veered into his path and collided with the front of the bus. Our client believes the reason the driver veered over was because she was trying to overtake a vehicle whish was moving slowly or preparing to stop in the road.

While he was sitting in his stationary vehicle on 29 October 2016, our client, a painter and decorator, became the victim of a road traffic accident in a car park.

Our client in this case worked as a butcher. The nature of this job led to him develop a strain injury in his left hand and wrist.

Our client has worked as a butcher for many different employers throughout his career, however the employer for whom he worked the longest and claimed against was Scotbeef Limited.

On 19 September 2016 our client, 28-year-old Claire Phelan, a First Bus employee from East Kilbride in Glasgow, was driving her Trident bus down the Queensway to the roundabout that connects the Kingsway and Strathaven Roads.

She was in the left hand lane and intended to go straight across on to Strathaven Road. Ms Phelan made all the appropriate checks and saw there was no traffic approaching from the right, so she safely entered the roundabout. However, another motorist, who entered the roundabout from Strarthaven Road and was travelling at speed, tried to exit the roundabout in front of her but in doing so collided with the offside of the vehicle.

When she suffered a slip injury at work, our client was employed by WM Morrison Supermarkets as a café assistant.

On 17 March 2016, she had just completed the first half of her shift and so went on a break. She proceeded to walk through the supermarket but realised she couldn't go her normal way as there were customers blocking her route. So, instead, she chose a route that required her to walk past the stalls in the produce section. As she walked between two stalls, our client suddenly felt something underfoot that caused her to lose her footing. She fell and hit her head on the floor.

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