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Thompsons workplace accident solicitors were contacted by the claimant, a Tesco distribution centre worker from Livingston, in relation to the injuries she sustained in a manual handling workplace accident which occurred in February 2017, as well as a further workplace accident in December 2017 which exacerbated the injuries she suffered in the first incident.

The background

At the time of the February incident, the claimant had been working a 10pm to 6am nightshift at a Tesco distribution centre in West Lothian. As she was performing truck loading and unloading duties, a trailer door became stuck on its runner. In trying to free the door, it suddenly released and the claimant suffered soft tissue shoulder and neck injuries.

The incident caused the claimant to take several weeks off work and reduced her independence. She also sought medical care for her injuries.

In December of the same year she was moving a trolley when its poorly maintained and rusted wheels became stuck, this caused the cart to jerk and resulted in a number of trays of goods toppling over. In attempting to stop them, the claimant exacerbated the shoulder injury she had sustained in the February accident.

The consequences

The claimant was diagnosed with a six-month exacerbation in relation to the first incident and a one-year acceleration injury to her shoulder in relation to the second incident. She had a loss of earnings of approximately £2,431 together with claims for services and miscellaneous expenses.

The settlement

Thompsons workplace accident solicitors successfully negotiated an out-of-court compensation settlement, settling the claim for £9,000 on 8 November 2019.

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