Client injured in head-on collision

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Our client in this case had been driving along the Hill House Road, towards Hamilton from Blantyre. She was accompanied by her daughter who was aged 21 at the time. The third-party vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction, but suddenly veered across the road. Our client did all she could to avoid a collision, braking hard and swerving left, but the third-party (TP) driver failed to stop and hit the front driver's side of her vehicle.

The collision meant that she couldn't open her car door. The TP driver had to help her open it.

The Consequences

Our client suffered soft tissue injury to her right shoulder, elbow, thumb, abdominal wall, and lumbar region. She required physiotherapy through the NHS to help with her injury.

Her daughter was also injured in the accident, sustaining soft tissue damage to her back, shoulder and neck, which caused her to suffer from ongoing pain.

Our client's vehicle was "written off" as a result of the damage sustained, which caused a great deal of inconvenience. Our client was provided with a courtesy car but had to return it when she received her settlement cheque. However, she had a trip planned after this date, meaning she had to pay to keep the courtesy car for a few extra days.

After returning the car, she was still without a vehicle for a week before she bought a new one. During this time, she had to borrow a family member's car and use public transport.

The Settlement

After being involved in the road traffic accident, our client decided to pursue a claim with the help of Thompsons Solicitors. She was referred through her union, UNISON. The defender made no comment on liability. We took on the case and secured £5,000 in compensation for our client's injuries.

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