Childcare practitioner injured on roundabout

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On 6 February 2017, our client, who works as a childcare practitioner, was involved in a road traffic accident that left her with an injury to her lower back.

Our client was sat in the passenger seat. She was travelling with her husband, who was driving, and her 19-year-old son. They were passing through Dunfermline and joined the roundabout from Woodmill Street, intending to take the third exit. However, just as they were about to exit the roundabout, a third-party vehicle, which had entered the roundabout from the second exit, collided with the rear passenger side of their car.

The Consequences

Our client went to the police station after the accident. Both she and her son were injured in the collision, but her husband wasn't. Her son also chose to pursue a personal injury claim.

The impact from the accident caused our client to experience pain in her lower back that also travelled down her legs. She therefore was required to go to hospital for an x-ray. She was told she had muscular pain and was prescribed painkillers.

As well as the hospital, our client also visited her GP and required physiotherapy to help with the recovery process. Our client's soft tissue injury to her back took four months to resolve.

Our client had to miss the next day off work but couldn't take any longer off because of staff shortages at her workplace. She didn't lose any earnings because of the day missed.

Meanwhile, her son, who had hit his head in the collision, suffered from ongoing neck pain. He also needed to have his injuries examined at the hospital.

The Settlement

Unison, our client's union, referred her to Thompsons' road traffic accident solicitors. The third-party driver admitted liability for the accident at the scene, allowing for the case to be settled pre-litigation. We're happy to report that we were able to obtain a settlement sum of £2,610 for our client's soft tissue injury on 10 August 2017.

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