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Last year I was following the story about the research into uncrashable cars.  My friends at Thompsons Solicitors  and I are always interested in ways to increase health and safety and ways of reducing road traffic accidents so I was pleased to see that they are still coming up with new ideas.

I was surfing the internet to see if there had been any developments and it seems that scientists and health and safety experts are constantly developing new ideas to aid drivers to the extent that crashes would become rarer events.  Bad weather and poor judgement would be helped by the car itself.  The dream is that drivers, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists could one day be protected from bad driving.  Sophisticated technology is also being created to ensure drivers and passengers can survive even catastrophic accidents.

I saw on the TV the other night that Volvo seems to think they can stop cars from crashing altogether!!  They are developing auto-braking technology to ensure that cars come to a stop when they sense another car coming close to them.  I saw a car avoid a big balloon using this technology and it looked pretty impressive.  However I wouldn’t like to think that drivers would be solely rely on this to stop cars from crashing.  I think it would only ever be used in an emergency but the risk is that people come to rely on it a bit too much.  I have told you about the catastrophic problems that can happen when people rely on things like sat-navs instead of their own driving.

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