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Speed cameras are something that are loathed by most drivers however many argue that they increase road safety as they force drivers to slow down at road traffic accident black spots.  However many people argue that they are pointless as they only force drivers to slow down temporarily.

This is an argument which could soon be settled as details of the accidents prevented and the fines raised, by every speed camera in England are to be made public for the first time.  This will allow the general public to see which speed cameras are merely income generations and which ones actually prevent road traffic accidents.

However ministers fear that disclosing the data could lead to many speed cameras being vandalised but they also hope that it will show where exactly the cameras have reduced the rate of car crashes and personal injury.

From July drivers will be able to access the figures online back to 1990 and see exactly what impact speed cameras have had on every road in England.  The figures will also show the annual collision and casualty data showing the numbers of people killed and seriously injured in road traffic accidents. 

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