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I was shocked to hear that golfer, Colin “Monty” Montgomery was involved in a road traffic accident on A80 this week. It is also a shame to learn that he suffered a personal injury by virtue of which, he will not be able to take part in a charity walk arranged for Inverness in the same week.

It has made me think, even given my new found fame, my existence is still as perilous as any other driver on the road and my celebrity status does not cause me to be immune from road traffic accidents.

Being a golfer myself, I suspect Colin will be out the game for a wee while because if he is unable to take part in a charity walk, he will certainly not be able to play golf which uses the upper body and neck muscles. I suspect he’ll be suffering from whiplash injuries.

On this occasion, Colin’s bad driving didn’t annoy him as I understand that the van driver, who collided with his vehicle, has been charged by police. Apparently Colin was trapped inside his vehicle by a damaged door and airbags and had to be pulled to safety by passers by. It is at times like these, I am glad I am made of plasticine because a) I wouldn’t have suffered the injuries that Colin suffered and b) would never have had the terrifying experience of being trapped inside a vehicle after a road traffic accident.

I hope Colin makes a compensation claim for personal injury because in my view, he has a good claim and is likely to recover damages for loss of earnings, pain and suffering, inconvenience amongst other things. So Colin, if you are reading this while you are recovering in the clubhouse, from one golfer to another, I look forward to receiving your call on 0800 0891331. As with all of my other clients you will have your compensation claim dealt with on a no win no fee basis.

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