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A recent survey by Admiral Insurance showed Scottish drivers are the most likely in Britain to crash their cars into hit lamp posts.

Further statistics also show Scottish drivers are most likely to hit an animal. Inverness is top of the list closely followed by Pert, Dumfries, Orkney and Aberdeen. It is unsurprising however, as these are all rural areas and simply have more wildlife than other regions in the UK.

There is no explaining however the amount of lamps collisions in Scotland. Strangely the towns and cities with the highest number of insurance claims involving lamp posts are all in Scotland, with Paisley at number one followed by Aberdeen, Motherwell and Glasgow. The city to make it to the top five not in Scotland was Chelmsford, Essex. Drivers in Motherwell also topped the list for car park collisions from 1.3 million claims over the last five years. Admiral's acting managing director Dave Halliday said: "The results in Scotland were a little surprising.

It's a real mystery why Scottish motorists are more likely to hit a lamp post”. Perhaps we simply have more street lights than the rest of the UK and therefore have more of a chance of crashing into one? It certainly seems a better alterative than the idea we all hate Scotland’s street lighting. Although not the most attractive it seems a bit over the top for us to hate them so much we crash ours cars into them.

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