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Thank goodness my friends at Thompsons are there to stick up for all the people who have legitimately sustained whiplash injuries and have a right to claim compensation. I feel reassured to know Thompsons are not afraid to take on the big Insurance companies to protect ordinary peoples rights. 

The Association of British Insurers recently called the UK the whiplash capital of Europe and blamed fraudulent whiplash claims for pushing up the cost of motor insurance.

My friend Patrick McGuire, Partner of Thompsons, recently stuck up for all those with legitimate whiplash claims. He pointed out the double standards of the Insurance companies.  On one hand, the Insurance companies encourage people to take out policies and happily take their money but when things go wrong they do everything, they can to reduce claims. 

Patrick McGuire explained that the Insurance companies have fought through the courts for years to avoid their obligations to repay pleural plaques victims and now they are using spin and factually distorted information to trying to avoid their obligations to whiplash victims. Patrick McGuire highlighted the Insurance Companies are trying to embarrass people and encourage them not claim the compensation they are entitled to.

Pauline, a Thompson’s client and specialist nurse from Edinburgh, who still suffers neck pain from a whiplash injury more than two years after car which had been tail-gating her ploughed into her car in traffic was angry at the Insurance Companies comments. She pointed out that the Insurance Companies are always trying to sell extra insurance cover and it seems as soon as people take advantage of that cover they are brand as cheats by the Insurers.

I think Dave Moxham Deputy General Secretary of the STUC made a good point when he said

“We have no doubt that the insurance industry actively promotes the myth of the so-called  ‘compensation culture’ in this country, simply to try and reduce the number of claims they have to pay.”

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