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Anyone who has ever experienced a serious back problem will be able to tell you how excruciating the back pain can be, how it can affect your mobility, work abilities and how considerabily it can reduce the quality of your life.

Around 80% of the population in UK experience some form of back injury during their lifetime. They vary in severity and cause, of course, yet all are serious and costly to NHS.

When a car accident occurs, it is most likely you would experience some form of back injury. If you have been fortunate enough to experience only a mild form of injury, it is nevertheless important to stay cautious over the following days to make sure you do not make it worse - try to keep your head level so that it maintains all three curves of your backbone. If you have to carry anything, keep it close to your body, do not overload yourself and try to keep your spine in balance.

Back injuries can be extremely painful and restrict you considerably, in the most severe cases you might not be able to move at all. The recovery may be lengthy and costly- not only due to the treatment you might have to receive but also as your working ability may be compromised.

My friends at Thompsons Solicitors deal with all types of accidents from minor accidents to fatal accidents and are there to help you claim the maximum compensation you deserve.  Their No Win No Fee policy means that they take care of the financial burden of legal action at an already stressful time for clients.   

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