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Drivers are being urged to be more alert on the roads to avoid a risk of a road traffic accident due to deer on the road.

The number of road traffic accidents with deer peak between April and May each year as this is the time when young deer leave their mothers and venture out on their own for the first time.

The Scottish Natural Heritage reported that approximately 10,000 road traffic accidents involving deer happen every year in Scotland.  As a result of the accident approximately 70 humans sustain personal injury.

Transport Scotland are going to assist by putting up driver warning signs on the roads which are at the most risk for deer –related road traffic accidents.

The number of deer is ever increasing around some parts of Scotland, particularly in the central belt and around towns and cities.  It is thought that this is the case as more green space and woodlands are being created which provide ideal habitats for deer.  Unfortunately this often causes more accidents as the deer stray into more urban areas.

Most drivers only think that there is a risk of deer being on the road in rural or highland locations but they should be looking out for deer in more urban areas too to avoid road traffic accidents.

Drivers need to be cautious near woodland areas as the deer can appear very suddenly leaving very little time to break.  If any drivers do have an accident and hit a deer, they should report it to the police as the deer may be fatally injured and suffering. 

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