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Greg Whyte There was some personal injury related scare-mongering in the news this week with warnings that the Council face making personal injury compensation payments of up to £1million to cyclists who become injured when the wheels of their bikes become stuck in the much-maligned Edinburgh tram lines.

The facts are that more than 70 cyclists have suffered falls connected with the tram lines on Princes Street alone since 2009.  These of course are the ones that are reported and recorded by virtue of the fact that they were so injured as to require the services of personal injury compensation lawyers.  The actual number of cyclists involved in accidents due to the lines is therefore unknown.

The test as to whether Edinburgh City Council will be held negligent for cyclists injured by the tracks will be whether it was reasonable for them not to warn (by way of lights or signs perhaps) or otherwise provide alternate routes for cyclists, thus preventing their wheels becoming stuck in the tracks.

It remains to be seem how this road traffic personal injury litigation progresses or whether Edinburgh City Council will take steps at this stage to prevent any more accidents occurring.

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