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The basis of any claim for compensation is negligence.  The line between negligence, carelessness and bad luck is often blurry when it comes to Road Traffic Accidents (i.e. car crashes).

All of us who drive are likely to have a bash at some point.  Hopefully not a serious one.  Given this it is easy to feel sorry for those involved in car accidents by virtue of making silly motoring mistakes. 

As a driver myself I have been involved in car accidents, both when I have been the at-fault driver and when I have been the injured party while parked at a red light.  Luckily for me I am made of plasticine, as is my car, so the damage could be moulded back into shape.

Both sides of any car crash are losers.  Those who are innocent victims can obtain car crash compensation through Thompsons Solicitors. 

Being on the other side, even if you have only caused a minor road traffic accident does not feel good at all.  Therefore, in this horrendous weather we are having recently, please drive carefully and to the conditions.

If the road is wet then your braking distance is longer and late braking, especially at speed, is likely to cause a car accident.

The snow and ice are also prone to turning good drivers into those at fault for car crashes and leaving their insurance companies having to pick up the bill for car crash compensation.

Drive to the conditions.

Be safe.


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