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Drink Driving LawI am very against anyone drinking alcohol and driving but do you think that the new forfeiture penalties are too severe?

Now in Scotland, drivers who are caught three times over the limit or who refuse a breathalyser test, will face losing their car as part of a new crackdown this Christmas. 

Despite hefty fines, driving bans and driving points on their licence, worrying many drivers still continue to put lives at risk by driving under the influence of drink or drugs.  Despite all the campaigning against drinking and driving, last year, more than 7563 people were caught in Scotland.  This equates to 20 drunk drivers a day.

The Scottish Government, the police and prosecutors have now extended the Vehicle Forfeiture Scheme to include first-time offenders.  Previously only repeat offenders and drug-drivers could see their cars seized and either sold or destroyed.

To be 3 times over the drink driving limit an average man would have to drink 6 pints of low strength lager or beer, six small glasses of fine, or six double vodkas or whiskies.  However as you know, stronger drinks, larger measures and different body types could mean that you need less alcohol to be 3 times the limit.

I would never even consider drinking and driving and I hope this initiative makes people think about it more.  Hopefully it is a better deterrent and the roads will be safer for everyone.


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