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Scotland's teachers have received over £180,000 in personal injury compensation over the past year as personal injury solicitors have secured settlements on a number of matters.

The Daily Record reports that one teacher was awarded £3,000 in compensation after a musical instrument was thrown into their face. Another teacher received a settlement of £50,000 following a severe fall in the playground which resulted in a head injury.

Speaking on behalf of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "These damages should never be viewed as some kind of windfall for injured members and their families. Every case is calculated to the penny with the sole aim of putting members back to the position they were in before they were injured through no fault off their own."

The figure of £180,000 suggests that there have been many incidents in Scottish schools over the past year but in fact this figure has fallen considerably from previous years and shows that fewer serious injuries are occurring within the school environment.

The majority of compensation claims occur as a result of slip and trip accidents.

Speaking on the matter, Councillor Douglas Chapman said, "It is important to emphasise that teaching is a very safe profession, and local authorities take extremely seriously the safety and well-being of all staff and pupils."

A Scottish Government Spokesman added; "Every pupil and teacher should feel safe from harm at school and in their community […] Local authorities make it clear that violence of any sort is unacceptable."

The EIS are hopeful the downward trend in compensation will continue in years to come.

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