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Victoria AquinoThis week I met with one of the victims of the PIP scandal.  It was revealed last year the French-made PIP implants could rupture and leak industrial-grade silicone into the body. There were fears the substance could be toxic and cause cancer, although it has been reported that there is no evidence for this so far, ruptured implants can cause a great deal of pain and suffering.

Our client Jenny Brown told me “Since I discovered my PIP breast implant had ruptured it has been a year of pain, misery and agony. I have faced so many invasive procedures to get the bottom of the damage to my body while at the same time fighting a legal battle. Neither is over yet.”  She is a nurse and told me of the pain she suffers daily after a normal day at work.  She is in constant pain but cannot take strong painkillers whilst at work.

Many women unfortunately simply cannot afford to have their implants removed which mean they are putting themselves at risk.  If their implants rupture they could be faced with the same problems as Jenny.

I was appalled to read that thousands of British women fitted with faulty breast implants face further agony after the Harley Medical Centre allegedly deliberately put itself into administration to avoid a possible multi-million-pound legal payout.

Apparently the clinic faced legal claims from 1,700 women who suffered pain and distress after being fitted with defective PIP implants.

However last week, the cosmetic surgery chain appointed administrators after its management complained that legal action could put the firm out of business. The group has transferred all of its doctors and clinics to a new company to allow it to continue performing cosmetic treatments – but without the threat of legal action by the damaged women.

It is disgraceful that these companies are allowed to evade their liabilities. Hopefully these women will obtain some sort of redress. 

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