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I read an intriguing article recently, which stated that scientists have developed new techniques to treat spinal injuries. Having seen first hand the devastation spinal injuries can cause to individuals and families this can only be a good thing.

Scientists have discovered that scar tissue forms when there has been damage to the spinal chord and this scar tissue it is said can act as a barrier to healing.

Studies are being carried out at Glasgow and Liverpool University looking at the process of scar tissue forming and how we may be able to interfere with this process to the benefit of the patient.

One potential treatment of spinal chord injury is cell transplantation from other parts of the nervous system to the injured area. This type of treatment however, can in fact encourage scarring.

The exciting new technique being developed involves chemically altering sugars so they can be used to discourage the scarring process.

While it will probably take a long time and effort to turn lab results into workable treatments any discovery that could assist spinal injury suffers is definitely a step in the right direction.  

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