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We were shocked to hear that a factory worker in Elgin endured a horrendous ordeal when he was involved in a workplace accident.

A man’s arm was trapped in a factory machine for over an hour while emergency crews tried to free him.  It is understood he became trapped while carrying out routine cleaning on one of the machines in the factory.  When he was eventually freed, he was taken to Dr Gray’s Hospital by ambulance.  

Accident Lawyer AberdeenAs a law firm, we only act for injured people.  We never defend employers when their employees are injured at work.  We act for many factory workers up and down the country.  As can be seen from this incident, factory workers often have to work alongside dangerous machines.  When machines malfunction or there are inadequate safety provisions, workers are put in danger of sustaining serious injuries.     

It is therefore crucial that employers take all necessary steps to safeguard their employees, especially when the job involves working in dangerous situations.  Workers should be protected from harm when they are carrying out their jobs.  Employers have a duty to provide workers with a safe workplace.  This duty must be taken seriously by employers.      

We wish the injured worker well and hope his recovery is speedy.  

Further information can be found in our accidents at work section.

Blog by Iain Corbett, accident lawyer Aberdeen.

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