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Hannah BennettWhen someone has sustained brain injury as a result of an accident it is not uncommon for them to struggle with memory problems. This often results in them becoming heavily dependant on family, friends and loved ones.  Dealing with compensation claims for individuals who have suffered brain injuries, often highlights how difficult everyday tasks, which most people take for granted, can be for people with memory problems.

Researchers at Glasgow University have been developing smart devices to assist people who struggle with memory lapses following an accident. I read with intrigue in the press the suggestion that a fully wired house could keep track of someone throughout their day and could even provide reminders to that person to do things such as attend appointments or take medication.  

One device being researched is a fan which can emit smells at certain times to remind a person that it is lunch or dinner time and they need to eat.

Any gadgets or devices that can assist people suffering with memory problems lead more independent and free lives should be welcomed.  I hope Glasgow Universities research is a success and the gadgets and devices are made available to the wider public.    

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